Increased awareness stressed among motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians

November 6, 2013 

Billy Hallyburton of the Boise Bicycle Project talks about the need for less distracted driving by motorists and riding by bicyclists, during a meeting Wednesday meant to raise safety awareness.

JOHN SOWELL — Idaho Statesman

— Every 26 hours in Idaho, a bicyclist is seriously injured, organizers of a bicycle and pedestrian safety meeting said Wednesday.

A rash of bicycle and pedestrian crashes, which had led to two bicyclist deaths and three pedestrian deaths led to Wednesday’s Bicycle Safety: Doing Your Part meeting, sponsored by the Boise Bicycle Project, Idaho Pedestrian & Bicycle Alliance and the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance.

“This has our attention,” said Margaret Harvey of the Cycling Alliance.

The 75 people who attending the meeting discussed increasing education for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. They spoke about organizing a project to target bicyclists who ride at night without lights. The Boise Police Department this week began handing out small lights that officers will give to those they find out after dark without a light.

There was also talk about encouraging the city to expand the state law banning texting by motorists by prohibiting all but hands-free talking on phones. Someone also suggested a ban on cell phone use by bicyclists.

There was a suggestion to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety education in driver’s ed classes and to push for mandatory bicycle and pedestrian questions on the state licensing test.

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