Medals of Honor stamp booklet features Boise's Arthur Jackson

Statesman staffNovember 5, 2013 

Boise's Arthur Jackson is one of 12 recipients of the Medal of Honor who will be recognized in a new set of U.S. postal stamps Monday. Each of the men was honored for his actions during World War II.

At age 19, Jackson saved his platoon from being pinned down and possibly wiped out by Japanese gunfire on the island of Peleliu. He singlehandedly took out 12 Japanese pillboxes; a book on the subject calls him "nothing less than a one-man Marine Corps."

Jackson would attract attention from D.C. again — but this time for killing a Cuban national at Guantanamo Bay and then hiding the body. The incident ended his career in the Marines.

Jackson won't be on a stamp — those will feature the designs of the Army and Navy Medals of Honor. But the stamp booklet will feature his photo and a list of all 464 recipients of the medal during WWII. Also pictured: the other eight living Medal of Honor recipients from that war, along with three others who died before the stamps could be released.

In June, the Boise Police Department named its new K9 in honor of Jackson. His name was submitted by local teens through a naming contest conducted by the department.

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