Letters to the editor: 11-05-2013

November 5, 2013 

ACA editorial

The piece by Mr. Ehlert on the ACA and healthcare.gov is an “opinion” and is full of misinformation and speculation.

Unqualified statements that some people may not receive subsidies or that personal medical information is at risk because of the ACA or its website deliberately misleads. Denying subsidies to people because they live in red states that refused to manage sign-up to their own providers is unlikely to prevail in court, and the ACA’s requirement for coverage of pre-existing conditions can only reduce, not increase the potential for misuse of medical information (which currently is stored, secured or not, in every office, clinic and hospital you have visited).

With respect to healthcare.gov, there were certainly lots of contributing factors to its problems, not the least of which that the 26 (mostly red) states foisted the job of managing access to their insurance providers onto the federal government. When the website is fixed, the focus will shift to the merits of the program itself, which undoubtedly can be improved.

Until then, speculation that the American public will lose confidence because entertainers are making jokes or congressional Republicans didn’t vote for it (duh!) insults the intelligence of your readers.


Gateway Park

I have attended many of the Eagle City Council meetings. I have written this letter to address the concern that the Gateway Park may hurt Bogus Basin by drawing people away.

Gateway is similar to a local skate park. Besides the one very small bunny slope, the entire area at Gateway will be a terrain park. This park does put more pressure on Bogus to create a more professional park, but with the grant it received for the park last year, it should be feasible.

Gateway will provide a spot for kids after school that is not an hour-and-a-half round trip up one of the most intimidating roads around, especially for young drivers. Skiers and snowboarders go to Bogus to ride longer runs. Gateway Park will not take away from that. The people that ride at Gateway will still have season passes at Bogus Basin because they need variety.

Gateway will increase the amount of people learning how to ski and snowboard and increase the overall volume of skiers and snowboarders in this community. Ultimately, this will increase the amount of riders at Bogus Basin. As people become better riders, they will need more terrain to ride and challenge them.


I am a college student attending Boise State University. I am writing this letter to show support for Ryan Neptune and the Gateway Park that he is trying to get built in Eagle.

My friends and I, as well as many other teenagers and young adults, have fallen in love with the freestyle aspect of winter sports. In my opinion, I think that the majority of this younger generation is getting more into freestyle and park aspects of skiing and snowboarding. We love to hit jumps and kickers and rails and various other types of jibs.

Snowboarding to me is about the adrenaline, having something to love and be passionate about and having fun and progression. I think that the Gateway Park is an amazing opportunity for everyone. It will be close, get kids doing what they love to do instead of getting in trouble; affordable (which is great for any college student); build the community, as well as bring in more traffic to surrounding resorts. It’s a win-win situation! This is what I and many other people have been waiting for! Thanks!


Regarding the approved snow terrain park project and Ada County’s recent interference:

Recently, I closed on my new home that sits directly across from the Eagle Sports Complex. The existing recreation that the facility offers and the approved terrain park and summertime wave garden definitely impacted me and my soon-to-be fiancee’s decision.

As avid extreme sports enthusiasts, we jumped on the chance to buy a home so close to a facility that lets us do so much of what we enjoy!

I’ve attended many of the city council meetings, open houses, etc., and I have heard mainly two voices:

1. The voice of those like me who are excited and see this project and facility as a benefit to everyone.

2. The voice of some of the disgruntled neighbors who worry about such a facility negatively impacting their homes.

I can only speak for myself in saying that as a new neighbor to the Eagle Sports Complex, I welcome all who want to come and enjoy this amazing facility. I am not in the least bit worried that noise, parking or environmental impacts will be an issue as this park develops. Come one, come all!


Impatience about the approval of the terrain park was described in a letter to the editor published Oct. 23. Impatience implies that those developing and supporting this park are somehow irresponsible. Instead, Ryan Neptune has shown endurance under difficult circumstances and perseverance in the delays. He has steadfastly provided facts and figures on the impact and rewards the Valley can expect. The timing of these delays could potentially delay or stop the building of this park.

As a former educator and avid advocate of outside sports for youth and families, I hope that further delays are limited so this park can begin being built as soon as possible. The impatience comes from those aware that Idaho’s snowstorms can hit as early as Thanksgiving.

The typical winter season begins mid- to late November and ends mid-April to early May. Of the 1.6 million skiers and snowboarders who visit Idaho annually (www.skiidaho.us/media, “Ski Idaho Fact Sheet”), the impatience comes from those familiar with the positive feeling of experiencing sunshine, good snow, blue skies and enjoying time with friends and family outside. Idaho benefits greatly from snow sports, and Idahoans feel lucky to participate. Impatience is incorrect; excitement at the possibilities is what is being expressed.


Common Core

Club Luna has loudly vocalized for years that Common Core State Standards greatly improve Idaho’s standards in education (from a B in math to a whopping A-), and yet the National Center on Education and the Economy is already backpedaling the claim of “rigorous academics” and is now pushing for an emphasis on the lowest common denominator.

Brilliant American professors with unquestionable integrity and credentials are speaking out publicly to say that Common Core claims of academic excellence are a sham, that the NCEE states in a 2013 document it isn’t important to have high educational standards in high school, and that it’s silly to waste time educating all the kids up to the level of Algebra II when most won’t go on to higher education anyway.

States all over the nation are taking another look at implementing this academic tragedy. Several states have stopped Common Core dead in its tracks.

Where does Idaho fall in this debate? Why, Idaho, under the direction of Otter and Luna, are forging ahead in the costly program to dummy down Idaho students, making them infinitely less competitive on the world stage and far less likely to be accepted in a good American college.


Debt ceiling

I would like to remind my fellow Americans what two current leaders once said:

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our government’s reckless fiscal policies,” (Sen. Barack Obama, March 16, 2006).

“Today, the Senate is considering a bill to increase the nation’s debt by $781 billion. If adopted, it would be the fourth such increase in the five years this administration has been in office. I will be opposing this latest request, and I hope that people on both sides of the aisle will do the same,” (Sen. Harry Reid, March 16, 2006).

Since President Barack Obama took office, the national debt has increased from $10.6 trillion to more than $17 trillion — a 60 percent increase.


Liberal Democrats

Once upon a time, in 1990, the government seized control of the Mustang Ranch in Nevada for tax evasion. As required by law, it had to run the bordello. It did — right into the ground. The bordello closed.

If the “gummit” can’t make money running a brothel and selling whiskey, how do you pathetic liberal voters think it can manage a health care system?

Honestly, is your democratic I.Q. that low that you couldn’t see this next Democrat failure coming to the website?

With no jobs for Americans, unemployment still above 12 percent in many areas and demographics, the dramatis personae comedy team of Reid, Pelosi and Obama hire Canadians, not Americans, to do the nightmare website for “Obamacareless.” They hired out-of-country employees and shunned the jobless Americans ... how phlegmatic!

It’s all about making King Obama the royal imperial grand poohbah.

Truth be told, liberal Democrats hate this country, or are they unable to bear with the facts. Speaking of “bare,” perhaps the gummit couldn’t make the Mustang Ranch profitable ’cause liberal Democrat Anthony Weiner was too young to be a manager! Or maybe not!

See y’all at the government soup and cheese lines.


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