Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, Nov. 3

November 2, 2013 

High school football

I attended the Eagle-Capital game at Dona Larsen Park (Oct. 31) and was disturbed by how Capital did not take the sideline for the national anthem, while Eagle stood alone facing the flag. Instead, Capital chose to wait until after the anthem was finished to take the field.

I was told that other schools do the same thing. Is that really true? If so, I find it extremely disrespectful to the other team, the crowd and those who have stood for our country.

As a society, we can do better than that. I would ask Capital High and other schools to give it some thought.


More coverage

Why has the “Idaho Colleges” section of Sports become the Treasure Valley section? I was enjoying learning about my friend’s daughter on the volleyball court. But now you have stopped telling anything from the other universities except football.

I do appreciate the improved coverage of Idaho State and Idaho football, but there are other sports.


BSU football

I was a Boise State football fan when we still had a wood-bleacher stadium. I was a fan before we had regular ESPN coverage, or the jumbo screen in the north end zone. I was a fan before we had a multimillion dollar football center and an indoor practice facility.

I grew up on politically incorrect football with people like Tony Knap, Jim Criner, the Hutt brothers, Jim McMillan, Joe Aliotti and Cedric Minter. It was fun watching smash-mouth, exciting football.

Watching teams like Ohio State and Alabama play three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust football was like watching paint dry to me. I wanted to see BSU razzle dazzle football. It was fun watching Idaho farm-kids run circles around teams in the Big Sky, Big West and WAC.

We sent very few players to the NFL, while others were lucky to get a couple of years in the Canadian Football League. They just wanted to play a couple more years after high school.

When I watched the replay of our loss to BYU, and Chris Petersen’s depressing postgame, no-solution press conference, I realized the magic is gone, probably forever.

CRAIG CHRISTON, Marysville, Wash.

Black uniforms

I totally agree with Mr. McDowell’s comment on the black uniforms for the homecoming game. Ugh! Blue, orange and white in the stands, but black on the field? It just didn’t look right.

We have had season tickets since the early ’80s, and every game they tell us what color to wear in support of team spirit.

No more.


Southwick headline

Regarding “No Joe Southwick? No problem!” (Oct. 20 Idaho Statesman).

I get the message plain and clear. We have a backup quarterback — ready, willing and able to step in and take charge when he is needed. I see no disrespect for Joe, no offense intended or implied.

Evidently, the letters you printed are saying it’s not so simple — there’s some sort of hidden meaning here. I’m so gullible, I missed the boat altogether.

Surely, I’m not the only one? Can I be standing out here in left field, all by myself? Say it isn’t so.


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