Letters to the sports editor: Saturday, Nov. 2

November 2, 2013 

BSU football

By my count, Boise State has six defensive backs in the NFL (Mikell, Wilson, Iloka, Scandrick, Johnson, Taylor). Those guys carried on the BSU tradition before them of guys like Woods, Alexander, Woolsey, etc.

Any such talent in our current group? Probably,not so much.


Stand or sit?

Shane Larson said in the Statesman on Oct. 26 that to be a true fan of Bronco Nation we should always stand up and therefore block people’s views. Huh?

Well Shane, some people paid for a seat to sit on and others may not be physically able to stand up all the time. I believe we should stand up at crucial situations or when the Broncos score.

Too bad that he was disappointed that fans would yell for him to sit down. Well, good for them.

Frankly, Shane is very inconsiderate of others. If he wants to always stand up, he could do that in the last row of the stadium, in the aisle, at the concession stand, or better, at home where nobody can block his view (hopefully he would not yell at his family).

To be a “top-tier” football program does not require all fans to stand up as he suggests. It just requires a good program and fan support, which the Broncos have. I notice most people in Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, USC and Oregon, etc., sit down most of the time and stand when needed. And I do believe they are “top tier.”


I would like to suggest that fans who wish to stand during an entire BSU home game, do so in the student section. Those fans know that standing, not sitting, is the norm there. Another alternative would be to purchase tickets in the back row of any section.

When someone purchases a ticket for the SEAT in front of me, and then stands for the majority of the game, I usually ask him/her to sit down. It is just common courtesy to think of those behind you. Your standing doesn’t make you a better fan, it just makes you a ruder one.

Do you pay any attention, at all, to coach Petersen’s words about character?

I think a better way for us to show our support for BSU is to just be there. If you leave at halftime, return to your seat once the game begins. All those empty seats often means you're more interested in tailgating than you are in the game.


With regard to Shane Larson’s letter in the Oct. 26 Sports section: I suspect that the person behind him at the Nevada game asked him to sit down because Larson was blocking that person’s view of the game. Simple courtesy is involved here.


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