Fish Rap by Roger Phillips: Lake Cascade, steelhead and fall fishing

rphillips@idahostatesman.comOctober 31, 2013 

It never fails to amaze me how much opportunity we have for fishing in Southwest and Central Idaho.

You see the cover story about Lake Cascade, and after writing the story I got a report back Gary Larsen of Boise (see What I Caught below) about some great fishing he had there.

I think it’s going to continue a little while longer, but like most fall fishing, it can be day-to-day, as in red hot one day and stone cold the next.

That’s pretty common in the fall, and it applies to more than trout.

I just got back from my first steelhead fishing trip of the season, and fishing has been excellent around Riggins.

But again, it might be good one day, slow the next, then turn on again. And after fishing there for years, I’ve come to the embarrassing conclusion I can’t predict which. I know dropping river flows and increasing or stable temperatures tend to be better than the opposite, but it still doesn’t guarantee the fish will bite. You just have to put in the hours.

I’m also still getting reports of smallmouths being caught in C.J. Strike, which means they’re probably still biting in the Snake. Go deeper and present your baits (or flies) slower, but you can still catch them.

It’s kind of cool to have such varied fishing this late in the season. Get out and enjoy it, and do yourself a favor and try a new place this fall.

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