Ask Zimo: New Boise Greenbelt map is available, and it’s free

pzimowsky@idahostatesman.comOctober 31, 2013 

Q: I’m having trouble locating some of the landmarks on the Boise Greenbelt. Is there any map available with detailed information?


A: Boise Parks and Recreation has a new Greenbelt map available that’s really handy.

Idaho Outdoors had an announcement when they first came out, and they’re proving popular. We’ve had other questions from readers about Greenbelt access points.

You can pick up a map for free at the Boise Parks and Recreation administration office, 1104 Royal Blvd.

The office is reached by going into the Ann Morrison Park entrance on Royal Boulevard. It is the first right after crossing the Boise River on 9th Street going south.


Q: Who are the members of the Idaho Legislature’s Public Lands Interim Committee so we can contact them?

SAM S., via Facebook

A: The committee met this month at the Statehouse, and another meeting is scheduled Dec. 4.

There are some reports that the December meeting will be for the public to make comments.

Anyway, if you want to contact members beforehand, they are: Sens. Chuck Winder, Bart Davis, John Tippets, Sheryl Nuxoll and Michelle Stennett and Reps. Lawerence Denney, Mike Moyle, Eric Anderson, Stephen Hartgen and Grant Burgoyne.

You can go to and click on Contacting Legislators.

If you’re interested in Idaho’s federal public lands and use them for hunting, fishing or camping, you should let committee members know your feelings.

What I’d like to know are the positions of each committee member on the public lands issue. Is the deck stacked on the committee?

The 2013 Idaho Legislature demanded that the federal government cede all 32 million acres of its public lands to the state and established an interim committee to evaluate the idea.


Q: Is it OK to fish the river from Anderson Dam to Danskin Bridge along Prairie Road?

Yellow tape was across the campsites, and I’m not sure if it’s OK to fish.

JOHN HRNJAK, via email

A: The whole area along the South Fork of the Boise River from Blacks Creek Bridge to Anderson Ranch Dam is closed, including the river, due to last summer’s Elk and Pony Creek fires.

Certain main roads are open in the area, but lands along the river are closed, with no access to the river.

You can see more details about the closure by going to the Boise National Forest’s website at and clicking on Fire and Road Closures.

The U.S. Forest Service is supposed to be flying over the area to re-evaluate the closure. More to come.

Pete Zimowsky: 377-6445, Twitter: @Zimosoutdoors

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