Boise police issue warning about new synthetic drug

Statesman staffOctober 30, 2013 

Boise police issued a warning Wednesday about a dangerous new synthetic drug being sold in the area.

Police are investigating two overdoses this past weekend believed to be linked to 25C, a chemical closely related to 25i and also known as N-BOME. The substance is being sold with claims that it causes effects similar to LSD.

Both overdoses involved 16-year-olds who were hospitalized, police said. One ended up in intensive care after suffering a seizure. At one point, that teen reportedly stopped breathing.

"These synthetic drugs are not safe," Lt. P.D. Burch of the Boise Police Narcotics Unit said. "These chemicals have caused deaths around the nation. We're just beginning to see it here and it's already caused several overdoses including one where the teen nearly died."

The drug typically comes on blotter paper, similar to LCD, and is ingested orally.

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