A Boise couple ventures into crowded craft-box business

Joe and Rachael Bunt are trying to carve out a niche in the subscription-box market.


At a mostly empty, metal-sided warehouse near the Boise Airport, Rachael and Joe Bunt are organizing hand-made craft kits into a small assembly line. They're putting together a monthly Crafters Crate that will be mailed to subscribers.

“This is like Pinterest in real life,” Joe Bunt says. “I’m always wanting to create something new.”

The couple started Crafters Crate in March. It’s a subscription-based business — no brick-and-mortar storefront is required. That’s partly what led the couple to jump on the subscription-box trend.

Each month the pair, along with help from family and friends, bundle five do-it-yourself children’s craft kits into brown cardboard boxes. Each bundle is wrapped in tissue and tied with a bright pink ribbon. The box is stamped with the company’s logo, a bright pink elephant.

More than 100 Internet-based niche-subscription businesses vie for customers. The subscription-box industry is a place where entrepreneurs like the Bunts can experiment with owning a business inexpensively.

Read the full story on the Boise State Public Radio website.

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