Letter to the editor-The St. Luke's trial

October 29, 2013 

It was an awesome column [by BI Editor David Staats] about “for attorney eyes only” Oct. 15, since it shows the absurdity of the judge’s decision to have only lawyers review all the evidence.

You only have to remember that judges are attorneys, and they are no different from other politicians. In fact, most people seem to forget that most politicians and all judges are lawyers and the tiger doesn’t change its stripes.

Most polls show that people hold lawyers and politicians in low regard, but they are really the same. I’m not surprised at Judge Winmill’s decision, since a look at the Idaho repository would give you a good insight into how the courts and legal system actually works. If you type in the search box the name of a large company like SARMC, St. Luke’s, Primary Health, Micron, etc., you’ll find that the judgments are almost always in favor of the big corporation or cases are dismissed. The little guy rarely wins, and this is the same in all courts across the nation.

Our legal system is broken and rarely provides justice to those that fund it.


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