Letters to the editor: 10-28-2013

October 28, 2013 

Dog shooting

When I read the article in the Statesman I’m not sure what I found more disturbing. The fact that a trained officer felt his only course of action was to shoot the dog, or the fact that the officer was discharging his weapon in a neighborhood with civilian bystanders, which included children.

Several years back I too was attacked by a female Pit Bull that had recently delivered a litter of pups, but I was able to avoid injury with some fancy foot work, and no small amount of grit, until the owner was able to control the dog. This from an unarmed, untrained civilian. Which leads me to my question, who is training our officers? What is the protocol when encountering a potentially vicious animal in a domestic situation?

It seems to me that other methods could be applied, mace or pepper spray for example.

Equally effective without the risk of injury to an animal that may simply be acting on instinct to protect it’s territory, or worse an injured bystander from a stray bullet.

What is up BPD?


I was so upset when I read the letter of the dog that was shot by local law enforcement. It sounds as if the police officer was “trigger happy.” If the dog was being so aggressive, the dog would have been shot in the face, not the back of the neck. When did an officer decide to shoot first, then ask questons later?


Shame on the Boise Police Department for taking the life of the mother dog who was approaching an officer in uniform which obviously upset the mother dog and she was only protecting her 2-week-old babies. Now these babies have no mother to care for them because of that uniformed officer. Yet this same department trains dogs to attack humans. Where is the fairness in this? I fail to see it. For whatever reason, the Boise Police Department never accepts responsibility for this kind of action. Thank heaven for The Rainbow Bridge where they can all be together again.


I am writing in reference to the Boise policeman that shot the dog while on a search. How can the Boise Police Department justify shooting a dog, when first, they carry a night stick, mace and whatever else to protect themselves. Secondly, I am a dog owner for 50 years and have had all kinds of situations come up with dogs and not once did I have to use anything even close to a lethal weapon. Here is a grown man and supposedly one of our finest and all he can do is pull a gun in that situation. In my opinion this unacceptable. Grow up and be a man.


As a concerned citizen of Boise I want to applaud the efforts of the Boise police officer who shot and killed a menacing dog.

It’s apparent that the police officer in question was thoroughly trained in recognizing the behaviors of a menacing animal about to attack, putting his or her life and the lives of others in imminent danger.

Just to be sure the letter of the law was or is being followed, did the officer or officers issue a ticket to the family that owned the vicious dog for failure to keep it on a leash?

I know that I will sleep more soundly knowing that any and all vicious dogs will be summarily executed for not being on a leash. Let this be a lesson to all dog owners to keep your family animal on a leash. The policy of the city for execution of apparent vicious animals (not on a leash) is overall, good for the public.


Statesman bias

I start my day with coffee and The Idaho Statesman. First, I read the comics, then go straight to the opinion-editorial page to find out which of the two makes me giggle the most. Usually, the comics come in a poor second. I just break up over the “randomly” selected blue-hearted ramblings that the editor has chosen to print. Same ‘ol, same ‘ol of railings against the Republicans for all of Obama’s miscues and lies. The editors choose to feed their readers a steady diet of liberal-pinhead nonsense in the guise of “guest” writers, i.e. professors, and other self-proclaimed experts. Fair and balanced, NOT. So funny.

It’s hilarious, people, because you are living in a very red state; GOP dominated. Your futile efforts mirror those of Don Quixote of Man of La Mancha as he jousts at windmills in a vain attempt to bring down confabulated adversaries.

Continually taking the “progressive” (misnomer) position, as the Statesman opts to do, must become wearisome and challenges it’s own credibility, already tenuous.

JIM R. JOHNSON, Meridian

Zions spire

The spire atop the building at 6th and Main Streets can easily be distinguished by adding a flag pole and the U.S. flag.


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