Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, Oct. 27

October 27, 2013 


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Joe Southwick

What a shame to lose Joe Southwick as our quarterback midseason.

Joe has worked so hard to fill the big shoes left to him this season. He is my hero and I can't wait to cheer for him at the next home game - even if he is on the sideline.


I attended the BSU game Saturday night (Oct. 19). To see Joe Southwick injured was very difficult. There was a stunned silence and sadness felt throughout the crowd.

Here is a young man, playing the hard-act-to-follow and doing a really good job. He is in his last year, his senior year, and wanting to finish the season as a winning quarterback for BSU.

Then, to open the Sunday paper and read such a callous headline, "No Southwick? No problem" was really distasteful. You really can do so much better.

Yes, it is a brutal sport, but your headline writer and the editor who approved that headline do not need to join in the brutal disregard for this young man's career at BSU.


Joe Southwick has been a terrific member of our football team. He waited behind our beloved Kellen Moore and has admirably worked on filling Kellen's shoes.

To have him injured at the beginning of the Nevada game was tragic - but to describe his departure from the game in the Sports headline you used, "No Southwick? No problem," was disgusting, unfair and inappropriate.

You might consider showing some class and apologizing to Joe, the team and Bronco Nation for that ill-conceived headline.


Shame to the Statesman for the headline, "No Southwick? No problem," after BSU's win over Nevada.

Who forgets that this is the man who has impressively led the Broncos for two years, steadily improving his skill level. He played with injuries in the past and wanted to go back out with a taped (broken) ankle to give his all after the injury.

It is unfortunate that there is no more creative ability in the Idaho Statesman Sports department to come up with another sensational headline that was more sensitive to the sacrifices and leadership that this quarterback has provided to his team and for the BSU fans' entertainment.


Thank you

A special thank you to the Boise Little League Cardinals and Carol for their wonderful acts of kindness.

We were all in Boise on Oct. 5 for seven family birthdays, including my 86-year-old handicapped mother. She has always been a baseball fan. Mostly with Little League, all on TV. She had never been to a game.

With Carol's and the Cardinals' permission and assistance, we were able to take her to watch them play.

They even had a shelter set up for her behind home plate. She enjoyed it thoroughly, as did the rest of us.

After the game, we went to the City Buffet for the actual party. You can imagine our surprise when the Cardinals walked in and presented her with a baseball signed by the team.

She has not let that ball out of her sight.

Thank you Cardinals and Carol for the wonderful memory that will be treasured forever. Go Cardinals!

JANI K. JASON, Las Vegas

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