Letters to the editor - 10-27-2013

October 27, 2013 


I read with great interest that Lawerence Denney, ex-speaker, was running for secretary of state. If you don’t remember him, let me remind you. When speaker, he protected Phil Hart, the representative who stole timber to build his home from state endowment land. Mr. Hart also refused to pay his taxes, both federal, and state, in spite of the financial crunch we were in. When another representative tried to censure Hart, Denney demoted him, not Hart. When the attorney general told Denney he did not have the authority to appoint a redistricting committee, he did it anyway, then lost his case in court. Denney, there is NO way you can fill the shoes of Pete Cenarrusa, or Ben Ysursa. They are WAY out of your league. You were a lousy speaker, I see no reason why you wouldn’t be a lousy secretary of state.


Women’s rights

What irony! On page one of Sunday Life Oct. 6 was an inspirational article about Rosemary Powell, “Accidental Pioneer,” who pioneered women’s rights throughout her remarkable life. Now, at 93, she is a “trailblazer ... for things that today’s women hardly notice. ...” In Parade’s cover story, Malala Yousafzai is heralded for “providing hope for girls everywhere” by challenging the Taliban: “the bravest girl in the world.”

Ironically, Local News/Idaho West reports the words of an LDS church leader who states “having women at home remains an essential part of society.” He adds “We have enough women of fame and fortune; we need more women of faith.”

Just as women everywhere are making great strides toward equality with their achievements in education, science, the arts, business, etc., LDS women are expected to stay home. If the LDS church truly believes there are enough people of fame and fortune, then they should make this as a blanket statement for women and men ... men can stay home, too. Shouldn’t the statement be “having a parent at home remains an essential part of society”? It can’t be that the LDS church doesn’t think that its women can be the family breadwinner ... or can it?

SUSAN HILL, Meridian


Even though many arguments exist against helping the homeless, it is inhumane to legislate against them without using resources to create a livable solution for those who could benefit.

Boise City Council wrote some years ago that a portion of a trust fund would be spent to research innovative model programs for the homeless. As a citizen of Boise, I would like some questions answered publicly by the council: Have you found any model programs to implement? Have you sought help from churches and non-profits? Are you willing to use a substantial portion of the Neighbor in Need and the HUD millions to solve this problem?

If you have been unable to find a model program in operation, I suggest you search The Quixotevillage in Olympia, Wash. Here is a program that works because of community efforts.

City Council: Rather than making ordinances against the homeless, how about using your savings to build a village to help them?


Idaho reps

Let me get this straight. Three of our cut spending specialists voted to shut down the government and cost us $24 billion that added to our overall debt and gained nothing but egg on their faces for it. But boy, they showed us that no brains is better than working for a solution, and an additional $24 billion in debt, well, that’s just chump change to these three morons from Idaho.

Labrador, Crapo and Risch need to be recalled before they help destroy our country’s good name just because they won’t negotiate. The tea party wannabes can’t think for themselves, let alone represent us. Rush Limbaugh must be proud.

The party of budget restraint has spoken. No compromise and for what it costs us dumb, heads-in-the-sand taxpayers. And with all those dollars gone and pork, lots of pork, thrown in for good measure. Lucky us. We should all be so proud. Could the Good Ol’ Boys have a hand in the bugs in the Affordable Care Act signups? You don’t suppose, do you?

ROB STRONG, New Meadows

Raul Labrador

It sounds as if Raul Labrador has resolved to oppose immigration reform as long as Obama is in the White House. And why? Because the president is “out to destroy the Republican Party,” and Labrador doesn’t like Obamacare. This suggests allegiance to party over country, coupled with an excuse to continue the obstructionism of a do-nothing Congress.

The use of slash-and-burn tactics, absent any help from Obama, is the primary reason that approval ratings for the GOP brand are at an all-time low. The recent government shutdown, abetted by a group of radical tea party members of Congress, has cost our economy $24 billion. Labrador and Idaho’s U.S. senators have full ownership in this fiasco, and also cast votes to continue the shutdown and push the country into default, with disastrous economic consequences.

We do have one sensible member of Idaho’s congressional delegation, Mike Simpson, who refused to use extortion tactics to push a radical agenda. If Labrador is truly concerned about the future of his party, he should disassociate himself from the tea party, whose ideology is not only outside the mainstream of American politics but contrary to the best interests of the country.


Plea bargain

What? Ryan Wayne Kanady is accused of raping a woman and smothering her with a pillow. Charges were attempted murder, rape, kidnapping, resisting or obstructing police, malicious injury to property. After pleading guilty to domestic battery charges, prosecutors will recommend two to 10 years in prison while retaining jurisdiction.

Now the good part: This means Kanady could be released after six months if he successfully completes a prison program. Really? I pity the poor victim. Are we really in Idaho? Are you sure we aren’t in California or Oregon or New York or Washington DC? Unreal!



Regarding Oct. 14 letter from Mr. Schultze about Freddie-Fannie profits.

Reference the Forbes article on creative accounting by Richard Lehmann Aug. 12. In part: “The Fannie and Freddie accounting for ‘profits’ and its reporting as a reduction of the deficit and national debt represents a truly creative accounting technique. We see the Federal Reserve Bank creating money out of thin air, using it to buy newly revalued mortgages from Fannie and Freddie who the use the sales proceeds to pay back loans and a dividend to the Treasury, who declares this a deficit and debt reduction.”

If one chooses to believe the news this administration feeds us, that’s their choice. I choose to believe the truth.



On October 14, 2013, I was in a restaurant for dinner. There were three young ladies sitting in the bar having their beers and then they started smoking on some sort of device. They had no thought or consideration for anyone around them.

Fortunately, the manager came over and told them they could not use that device but one of them still puffed one more time. I thanked the manager. As they left one looked at me with great displeasure, “ means no smoking of any kind. These young ladies need to learn manners as well as how to read.

RITA GREEN, Meridian

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