Drive chart: BYU 37, Boise State 20

October 26, 2013 


BYU — Taysom Hill 21 run (Justin Sorensen kick), 6:46. Key plays: Hill hit JD Falslev, who took advantage of a coverage bust to gain 20 yards, and tight end Kaneakua Friel, who busted safety Darian Thompson’s tackle attempt to gain 22 yards. Drive: 8 plays, 84 yards, 1:48. BYU 7, Boise State 0


BYU — Sorensen 28 field goal, 14:55. Key plays: Friel made an 18-yard catch and Devin Mahina made an 11-yarder on a methodical drive. Drive: 14 plays, 56 yards, 5:06. BYU 10, Boise State 0

BSU — Dan Goodale 33 field goal, 4:50. Key plays: Shane Williams-Rhodes’ nifty run after catch allowed him to gain 12 yards on third-and-11 from the Boise State 8. Matt Miller added a leaping, 12-yard catch on third-and-5. But on third-and-3 at the BYU 16, tailback Jay Ajayi only gained 1 yard. Drive: 14 plays, 76 yards, 4:41. BYU 10, Boise State 3

BYU — Ross Apo 37 pass from Hill (Sorensen kick), 3:45. Key plays: Cody Hoffman beat cornerback Bryan Douglas for a juggling catch on a deep ball. On the next play, Douglas thought he had a bead on the pass but it went over his fingertips to Apo for the touchdown. Drive: 4 plays, 77 yards, :59. BYU 17, Boise State 3

BYU — Hoffman 4 pass from Hill (Sorensen kick), :44. Key plays: Williams-Rhodes fumbled to give BYU the ball at the Boise State 47. Mahina made an 18-yard catch and Hoffman beat Donte Deayon on a jump ball in the corner of the end zone. Drive: 6 plays, 47 yards, 1:41. BYU 24, Boise State 3


BSU — Goodale 34 field goal, 10:50. Key play: Ajayi ran down the right sideline for a 61-yard gain. Drive: 6 plays, 63 yards, 2:10. BYU 24, Boise State 6

BYU — Mitch Mathews 40 pass from Hill (Sorensen kick), 8:50. Key play: Jamaal Williams escaped trouble in the backfield on a 10-yard run. Drive: 6 plays, 75 yards, 2:00. BYU 31, Boise State 6

BSU — Grant Hedrick 5 run (Goodale kick), 3:44. Key plays: Williams-Rhodes returned a BYU punt 40 yards to the Cougars’ 22. On fourth-and-5, Hedrick scrambled out of a sack for a 9-yard gain. Drive: 7 plays, 22 yards, 1:57. BYU 31, Boise State 13

BYU — Sorensen 34 field goal, 1:09. Key plays: Boise State wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn fumbled to give BYU the ball at the Broncos’ 29. A targeting call on Dillon Lukehart gave the Cougars a first down at the 14 but they stalled. Drive: 4 plays, 14 yards, :51. BYU 34, Boise State 13


BSU — Troy Ware 14 pass from Hedrick (Goodale kick), 10:23. Key play: Wide receiver Aaron Burks made a diving, 47-yard catch at the BYU 18. Drive: 8 plays, 85 yards, 2:06. BYU 34, Boise State 20

BYU — Sorensen 41 field goal, 7:09. Key plays: Hill hit Apo for 9 yards on third-and-5 and avoided a sack on the play before the field goal. Drive: 9 plays, 47 yards, 3:00. BYU 37, Boise State 20

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