Letters to the editor-10-26-2013

October 26, 2013 

Thank you

Last Thursday, after medical appointments in Boise and Nampa/Caldwell, we stopped at the Caldwell Flying J to have a bite at Denny's. My husband wore his Army retiree sweatshirt and cap. When we went to pay, a young man thanked my husband for his service, pushed our money aside and asked the cashier to add our tab to his.

My husband was very much touched, and I was in tears. We will never forget this young man's kindness, especially since my husband was badmouthed in the past for his service in Vietnam. We would like to think that young man realizes what his kindness meant to us, and we wish him all the blessings for the future.


To the gentleman on West River Street Oct. 23 at 3:45p.m.

Thank you. I was trying to figure out how I could get to some of the places I need to as part of my job hunt, and your gift has made my job hunting so much easier for the next 30 days. I don't know why you stopped and gifted me, but it is a blessing I will not forget.

The kindness of a stranger when I was feeling so depressed and lost without friends or family made me grin from ear to ear. I hope for whatever reason you decided to gift to me, may you receive many blessings in your life, and I hope you had a wonderful day also. I have just recently moved to Boise and ended up becoming one of the many people without housing or a job yet, so just to let you know, thank you. I know I will find a job and a home and will be able to do the same one day. Smile, it's a wonderful day.

A very happy woman.



I wanted to thank Mike Simpson for his recent vote to raise the debt ceiling and save America. He is a good representative and he deserves our support.

His courage and that of the other Republicans that voted to raise the debt ceiling did indeed save America from a huge economic catastrophe. We all know that if we miss our mortgage payments, then we will lose our homes.

To this end, defaulting on America's debt would have been the most harmful thing to the U.S. economy since the Great Depression (as most reputable economists from this country and abroad believe).

All representatives that voted not to raise the debt ceiling voted to destroy America and obviously do not care at all about America. These people are very dangerous and do not deserve to represent Idaho. To this end, please stand with me and vote to remove Raul Labrador, James Risch, and Mike Crapo from office.



I'm responding to David Adler's shallow article on education spending in Idaho.

He seems to believe that simply spending more money fixes problems, and we should spend more because other states spend more. Perhaps he has not noticed that many of those other states are in fiscal crisis now, whereas Idaho and Utah are on fairly sound financial ground.

Now perhaps there are good reasons to spend more, to address specific issues, but I would like to see those reasons and issues explained, rather than just read a generic exhortation to spend more and grow government without any plan or goal.

I'm not convinced that spending equals quality. I know from personal experience in academics and athletic competition that many people achieve better results than competitors who spend much much more on equipment and training.

Is education different? If so, how, and why?

Give us more to think about than the tired leftist argument to simply trust the government and make it bigger.


This is in regard to the piece by David Adler on Thursday Oct. 17. The professor is usually just a mostly irrelevant lib, but this one deserves a response. "Instead of leading, House Republicans sing, etc."

Either he jumbled his syntax or he doesn't know about what's called the "executive" branch of government.

Our executive has been a spectator. To his credit, Adler's McCain quote was apt. We bit off way more than we could chew with the first offer defunding Obamacare. However, belittling a subsequent offer, "an effort to deny lawmakers and their staff members subsidies for their health care coverage" as unfair is to say that the federal government is not an employer to which group, Obama had just, probably unconstitutionally, given a one- year delay.

That is nonsense. One more point begs mentioning. "What happens to our system if and when a government shutdown becomes an acceptable tactic ?" Good question. If it is not, should unions be allowed to strike and shut down a business ? Finally, if Adler is to be a Thursday regular, to be fair and balanced shouldn't you offer conservative and right views on a regular basis also? Perhaps from the School of Business ?

BOB JESSEN, Meridian


We are writing to urge Eagle residents to join with us in voting for Stan Ridgeway for Eagle City councilman on Nov. 5.

Local government needs to be led by people who have a commitment to better the community where they live.

It is also important to have leaders who believe in open government and respect differing opinions. Stan is someone who is able to objectively listen to all sides of an issue, research the facts behind the hype and make an unbiased, informed decision. Although Stan has public service experience, (he served on the Juneau, Alaska, Assembly and School Board) he has taken the time to examine the issues that affect Eagle and its residents before deciding to run for office.

He has done this by attending City Council meetings, talking with Eagle citizens and elected officials and doing his own research to better understand the history and the facts. Add to this a man of stellar integrity, and you have the reasons why we feel Stan Ridgeway is the best candidate for the Eagle City Council.



I was delighted that Elfreda Higgins is running for office in Garden City. She is genuinely interested in citizens' concerns and finding possible solutions.


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