Letters to the editor: 10-25-2013

October 25, 2013 


Activate Treasure Valley (ATV) strongly supports the Boise city bond for open space and parks because the ATV initiative is dedicated to improving the health of the Treasure Valley.

From enhanced opportunities for residents to recreate and engage in physical activity, to expanding and improving neighborhood park systems, these open spaces not only provide the special something that makes our Valley the wonderful place to live that it is, but also serve as a critical tool in the fight against obesity.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), during the past 25 years the obesity rate of adults has doubled and the rate for children ages 6 to 19 has tripled and continues to rise. Fortunately, we have the ability to not only remove some of the barriers existing in our community that contribute to these unhealthy behaviors, but also create opportunities to make the healthy choice, the easy choice.

The built environment impacts our opportunities to be physically active on a daily basis.

This type of investment benefits all communities and ATV is proud to be part of the effort to make Boise and the Treasure Valley a healthier place to live, learn, work and play.

ANJIE KNICKREHM, director, Activate Treasure Valley, Boise

Kudos to Wayne Crawford’s Oct. 20 letter urging us to vote no on the upcoming bond election. When times get tough, most people tighten their belts.

The amount of the bond, $34 million, carries with it interest of $18 million during 20-some years. Sounds like the feds always postponing the bite.

Currently we have unused fire stations and adequate parks.

A previous Foothills bond election paid for land purchased in Boise County and Boise acted as banker for the state on Hammer Flat.

The state Legislature has voted no on anti-discrimination legislation, but the city last November voted to be anti-discriminatory toward the 2 percent of the population. What does that mean for Boise?

Vote for new council members!


In 2001, I was fortunate enough to be one of 400 volunteers who contributed to the successful passage of the Boise Foothills Open Space Serial Levy. Since that time, monies from the initial levy were leveraged to create a $13.4 million fund that preserved 10,750 acres of Foothills open space.

That land is now a permanent part of Boise’s legacy — preserving forever Boise’s water quality, recreational opportunities and wildlife habitat.

On Nov. 5, I am looking forward to voting yes on two bond measures that continue the work initiated with the Foothills Open Space Serial Levy. The Boise Public Safety and Livability Bonds will continue to preserve Boise’s open space and parks, and improve our public safety.

These measures allow for much needed upgrades to or replacements of four fire stations, building a new fire training facility, development of three parks and updates to existing parks along with preserving additional open space in Boise’s Foothills and beyond.

As Boise residents, we love our parks, our Foothills, and our quality of life. Please vote “Yes, Yes for Boise” on Nov. 5 so we can continue to enjoy what makes Boise a great place to live.



Idaho isn’t just a place, it’s a legacy. The pioneers moved here to have their own way of life. We’ve never been able to suffer interference from outside.

So Idaho, why are you complacent? Why do you dimly nod and murmur “It’s for our own good …” while your rights are being stripped?

I know that you feel something ignite when you hear that your emails and calls are being stored in secret.

I know you feel it smolder when you hear the NSA has your contact lists, your texts and your search history and they’ve built a file on every American.

I know it burns when you read that everything you say in a call, email or text can be held against you, indefinitely. I know it seems like a wildfire about to engulf the Constitution in flames. But it’s not. Yet.

We can stop it. Come rally with RestoreTheFourth this Saturday, Oct. 26 at noon at the state Capitol.

Our representatives need to hear from Idahoans who believe America shouldn’t be so blinded by fear-mongering about others taking away our freedoms that we let our own government take them away first. Join us.

Rally information is here.



Elfreda Higgins is amazing, and she’s running for Garden City City Council! She has an impeccable record of service in Garden City. She’s served on the Library Foundation Board, the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Arts Commission and the Parks and Waterways Committee.

Obviously, she loves serving Garden City.

We need Elfreda’s talent and experience on the Garden City City Council. Please elect her on Nov. 5.


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