Letters to the editor: 10-24-2013

October 24, 2013 


The federal government’s response to Rocky Barker’s story on spilling water for salmon is replete with distortion.

The declaration that the feds use sound salmon science is not supported by a majority of fishery scientists.

The claim that delayed mortality is a theoretical assertion is not supported by the published literature. Delayed mortality refers to the added stress seaward migrants (smolts) sense while running the reservoir and dam gauntlet that results in fewer adult returns.

The claim that trends in salmon and steelhead abundance are “getting higher” does not comport with the empirical data for wild Snake River spring/summer chinook and steelhead — the most important populations in the Columbia River drainage.

Federal performance standards in the hydrosystem rely solely on smolt survival at the mainstem dams — attaining the 90th percentile at each of the eight dams does not consider adult returns back to the river.

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council has a goal of 4 percent for adults returning to the Snake River. Under recent operations and configuration of the federal dams, return rates for wild spring/summer chinook have averaged 0.9 percent and wild steelhead 1.6 percent — not something we can all rally around.


Eagle elections

I wonder if it’s ethical for the president of the Eagle City Council, Mary Defayette, to use her publication, The Eagle Informer, to promote the candidacy of Mark Pyper? Pyper is running for one of two Eagle City Council seats, along with three other candidates. A disclaimer notes the Informer does not “endorse” businesses/services; however, editor Defayette then states that she and two other council members “endorse” Pyper.

There is a full-page political ad for Pyper, with no campaign treasurer disclosed. Then he is listed as a contributing writer. With the election next month, he was given the opportunity to write an article for the magazine on lady mountain bikers and another on Lowe’s project cleaning up Eagle’s Bike Park.

Defayette allowed each of the four candidates a small statement about themselves, and followed immediately with a paragraph reiterating that three current council members have endorsed Pyper. She certainly established name recognition for Pyper with the endorsement mentioned at least twice, two photo ops and two written articles. But I imagine she will give the other three candidates equal time and print in November, prior to the election.

Stan Ridgeway, Jeff Kunz and Jeff Laughlin are also running.


TJ Thomson

Support for TJ Thomson’s re-election to the Boise City Council (Seat 4).

I have known TJ Thomson for several years now, and am proud to call him a friend. My husband and I met TJ when he ran for his first term to the Boise City Council in 2009. Since then, TJ has proven time and time again his deep commitment to the well-being of the citizens of Boise. He has made it his mission to make Boise the “healthiest city in America,” and has taken great steps in achieving this. Including, but not limited to, adding thousands of acres to the Boise Foothills, protecting worker’s safety by eliminating smoking in bars, as well as supporting the protection of all citizens from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

TJ truly loves this city, and if re-elected, he will continue to serve its people with as much dedication as he has shown these last four years. He has my vote for re-election come Nov. 5.


Traffic safety

I wanted to pass on some things for people to keep in mind to reduce traffic problems and road rage.

1. The posted speed limit is the maximum allowed speed, not the minimum.

2. Local, state and federal governments did not spend billions of dollars on roadways just for you.

3. Enjoy the gap between cars, you don’t have to close it.

4. It isn’t NASCAR. There isn’t a trophy or millions of dollars for passing everyone else.

5. Getting there isn’t worth killing yourself, your family or someone else’s family.

6. If it truly is an emergency, use your flashers and horn.

Thank you, and may God bless your travels.


Raul Labrador

Rep. Raul Labrador says President Obama is “trying to destroy the Republican Party.” Raul, he doesn’t have to do a thing. You, Cruz and the tea party are doing it for him.


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