Some one-way Boise streets will be made two-way

Many one-way streets in Downtown Boise are to be made two-way.

cmsewell@idahostatesman.comOctober 23, 2013 

One-way streets signs will become a little less common in some areas of Boise over the next few years.


The Ada County Highway District has 250 projects worth $611 million that it will pursue over the next five years.

Each year, ACHD updates the slate it plans to accomplish. Notable in the new plan is taking some of the confusion out of Boise by converting side streets such as 3rd, 4th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th into two-way roads.

Also new: seven projects totaling $8.8 million that are part of ACHD's economic development program, which constructs projects that are deemed by ACHD to be beneficial to the transportation system and the local economy.

Those projects include extending Royal Boulevard from 9th Street to Capitol Boulevard near Boise State University, and reconfiguring the Avalon Street/Shortline Street/Bridge Avenue intersection in Kuna to create a car- and pedestrian-friendly city gateway.

The biggest big-ticket item? Widening Ustick Road from Five Mile to Linder roads to five lanes, with bike lanes and sidewalks — a $23.6 million project to start in 2014.

On Wednesday, the district's commissioners are scheduled to adopt the 2014-to-2018 plan for maintenance and operations projects and programs. The public hearing starts at 6 p.m. in the ACHD auditorium, 3775 Adams St. in Garden City.

The highway district has a $93 million annual budget and maintains the county's 2,260-mile network of roads, bridges and intersections. Here are some highlights of projects for the next five years:


• Downtown: Convert some one-way streets to two-way, add bike lanes, replace some stop signs with mini-roundabouts. $6.6 million.

• 36th Street/Hill Road/Catalpa Drive intersection: Replace five-way traffic signal with a roundabout in 2016. $3.5 million.

• Cole Road from Interstate 84 to Franklin Road: Widen to five lanes with bike lanes, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and widen intersection at Franklin in 2018. $10 million.

• Emerald Street and Americana Boulevard from Orchard Street to Ann Morrison Park entrance: Economic development project to add continuous bike lanes and sidewalks on both sides in 2017. $1 million.

• Fairview Avenue and Cole Road: Widen intersection in 2017. $5.1 million.

• Five Mile Road from Franklin to Ustick roads: Widen to five lanes with bike lanes, sidewalks and curbs from 2014 to 2016. $14 million.

• Lake Hazel Road: Build new two-lane road connecting to Cole Road in 2015. $1.8 million.

• Royal Boulevard extension: Economic development program to build new extension from 9th Street to Capitol Boulevard with bike lanes and traffic signals in 2016. $620,000.

• State Street and Collister Drive: Rebuild intersection in 2017 to accommodate future State Street widening. $5.3 million.


• Cloverdale Road from Franklin to Ustick roads: Widen to five lanes with bike lanes, sidewalks, curbs, gutters and widen Executive Drive/Parkdale Avenue/President Drive intersection from 2016 to 2018. $10.1 million.

• Ustick Road from Five Mile to Linder roads: Widen to five lanes with bike lanes and sidewalks and widen the intersections with Locust Grove and Meridian roads. 2014 to 2018. $23.6 million.


• Hill Road: Build new three-lane road connecting Idaho 55 to State Street/Plaza Drive in 2016. $6.6 million.

• Plaza Drive: Economic development project adding new three-lane road with bike lanes and sidewalks from 2nd Street to Iron Eagle Drive in 2018. $1.7 million.


• Adams Street from 38th to 40th streets: Economic development project adding sidewalks and curbs in 2014. $1 million.


• Linder and Deer Flat roads: Rebuild intersection in 2017. $2 million.

• Linder Avenue/Main Street/3rd Street: Build a single-lane roundabout and add pedestrian facilities in 2016. $1.7 million.

• Kuna Southwest Gateway: An economic development project reconfiguring the Avalon Street/Shortline Street/Bridge Avenue intersection in 2014. $468,000.


• Chinden Boulevard and Ten Mile Road intersection: Install new traffic signal in 2014. $1.3 million.

• Eagle and McMillan roads intersection: Widen intersection to seven lanes in 2015. $3.1 million, including $1.2 million from Idaho Transportation Department.

• Franklin Road from Black Cat to Ten Mile roads: Widen to five lanes and install new signal at Black Cat in 2016. $11.2 million.

• McMillan Road from Locust Grove to Eagle roads: Widen to five lanes with bike lanes in 2015. $2.3 million.

• Ten Mile Road from Cherry Lane to Ustick Road: Widen to five lanes with bike lanes in 2016. $4.8 million.

• Ten Mile and Overland roads: Build new Park and Ride lot at the southeast corner in 2014. $500,000.


• Main Street: Add sidewalks from State Street to the Star Riverwalk in 2014. $778,000.

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