Letters to the editor: 10-23-2013

October 23, 2013 

Eagle park

Many are impatient to see an approval by the Ada County commissioners on the proposed terrain park. While I understand the impatience of some, it is important to note that all projects must be properly vetted.

The simple fact that the city of Eagle did not go through the county first has slowed this down. Traffic studies were not done. Soil testing was not done and proper government agencies were not contacted. The developer refused to demonstrate the snow blowers. This business would be manufacturing in a residential zone.

Mr. Neptune has answered the concerns of the neighbors by insisting that we trust him.

One recurring theme has been expressed by many in support of the terrain park is “it’s like winning the lottery.” This is not a wise comparison as a lottery is won by one (or a few) and not by many. Does anyone remember Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery?” Making the neighbors of the park feel like villains for simply wanting the same protections you would want for your own home is not going to persuade anyone to change their view. Wanting a local government to act responsibly and not hastily is all that is asks by their constituents.


Eagle Sports Complex

So, the Ada County commissioners posted a stop-work permit at the Eagle Sports Complex (and later removed it).

The word is out that the Gravity Logic crew is here from Whistler and Virginia, and they are there working away on our celebrated new flow trail — and the skate park is bustling. I was at the pump track with my kids hanging with teenage dirtjumpers, the BMX track is pumping with Tuesday night race practice, XC riders in and about the park, dog walkers, strider kids, and this blockade from Ada County is uncalled for and just lame ethic for such a great place that we call home.

It reminds me of a dog owner who never walks the dog, and it sits for years and then when someone asks to step in and care for it the lame owner all of sudden shows interest, for a time — and then it all goes back to normal.

Ada County, please just get behind Gateway and the new features for the park — we need this. Thank you.



Many say our D.C. politicians are behaving as children unable to get along. But history tells us they are behaving as the American version of the Torries and Whigs back in 1776.

The Torries wanted to keep King George over them and the perks that came from being in the ruling class. However, the Whigs, tired of an oppressive King George, wanted independence and freedom that came with it.

Today, the progressive Democrat Party wants the president to act as our “king” so they keep all the perks that come with being in a perpetual ruling class. The conservatives or “tea party” Republicans want to restore our limited government Constitution so the common people can keep their freedoms and the prosperity that comes with being a part of a nationwide “ruling class.”

The question facing us is are we with the Torries who put their faith in a king or with the Whigs who put their faith in the common people. That is the issue we face in 2013 and will be settled in 2014. That is why such a fuss is being made over Obamacare which, when fully implemented, will establish a king over us.



I was appalled to read that Idahoans are contacting their representatives 2-to-1 in favor of the government shutdown. In view of the ridiculous behavior exhibited by our representatives and their Republican colleagues, they probably don’t even realize there is a simple reason for this. It is because anyone in Idaho with an ounce of common sense has given up on accomplishing anything given the quality of our representatives. We are just waiting and hoping to flee this state which ranks in the bottom in almost every category, i.e. you might want to look at education.

It is difficult to understand why they have no problem with the damage they are causing millions of people while they are still trying to figure out a reason why they are even doing it. Only 25 percent of voters nationwide now support the Republicans, but they will still have a majority in one of the most backward states in the nation, which is Idaho, of course. All they have to do is just keep the voters poor and ignorant and they will be guaranteed a job for life, and so far they are doing a pretty good job of it.


Elfreda Higgins

I encourage the residents of Garden City to elect Elfreda Higgins for City Council. Elfreda has served the people of Garden City as a councilperson for five years and a legislator for District 16 for four years. She is committed to the public safety of the city, to seeing our city attract new business, and to proudly displaying Garden City as a community of character, artistry, amenities, and recreation.

Please join me in voting for Elfreda Higgins for City Council in Garden City.


Stan Ridgeway

Stan Ridgeway is a candidate for Eagle City Council. There are many reasons Stan is a good choice for Eagle voters.

Stan will ensure all issues are considered in an open and transparent manner. He will make decisions that are fiscally responsible. He believes the residents of Eagle deserve respect and consideration. Stan believes elected officials are elected to represent the resident; that elected representatives are not in office to exert power or influence against the wishes of the community.

As we come out of the recession, slowly and steadily, we need good, stable leaders who will serve the residents of Eagle. Stan has lived in Eagle almost 10 years and understands the challenges of a growing community. He brings experience from another small community that will serve Eagle well. Stan is a leader who will make decisions in a transparent and open arena. Stan is a leader who will make recommendations and decisions that benefit the community as a whole. Please vote for Stan Ridgeway for Eagle City Council.


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