Rep. Simpson launches website to dispute Smith's claims

October 22, 2013 

Eight-term Idaho Republican Congressman Mike Simpson's campaign is citing his voting record, positive ratings by conservative and business groups and fact-checking by Idaho newspapers in a new website aimed at tea party opponent Bryan Smith.

Simpson's is illustrated with a photo of President Ronald Reagan and a quote from the beloved Republican: "Facts are stubborn things." Graphic displays pit "Smith Fiction" in red capital letters vs. "Idaho Fact."

Simpson lists statements from the Smith campaign, among them that Simpson has an "across the board liberal record," that he favored funding ACORN and that he opposed defunding the Affordable Care Act. Simpson also substantiates his statement that Smith's is a personal-injury lawyer, which has become something of an epithet in one of the most closely watched GOP primaries in the country.

Simpson's site relies on the Idaho Statesman, Twin Falls Times-News and Lewiston Tribune to counter Smith's statements, with links to stories.

“The continual false attacks by personal injury lawyer Bryan Smith and his Washington special interest allies prove they’ll say anything to win," Simpson campaign manager Brody Aston said in a news release. "Now Idahoans can get the truth by visiting to set the record straight.”

Replied Smith campaign manager Carrie Brown: "Congressman Mike Simpson is entitled to his opinions, but he isn't entitled to his own facts when they do not agree with his voting record. The fact is that Simpson's liberal voting record is clear and was sealed last week when he was the only member of the Idaho delegation to vote in favor of Harry Reid's Obamacare funding bill."

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