Letters to the editor: 10-17-2013

October 17, 2013 

Health care law

A recent letter supporting Obamacare began with the sentence "Health care peace of mind is coming in October.” I read this letter shortly after I received a letter from Blue Cross telling me that the insurance plan I have been buying for the last five years does not meet the qualifications of the ACA and therefore cannot be renewed. So much for President Obama's promise that if we like our current health care plan we can keep it.

Blue Cross did not disclose exactly what it is about my current plan that does not meet the qualifications of the ACA, but I suspect it was related to the high deductible associated with most HSA plans. Blue Cross has told me that any alternative plan will be substantially more expensive.

Thank you, Mr. President, for successfully eliminating my choice for heath insurance and replacing it with a more expensive plan that I have to search for on a new website that may or may not work, and is supported by people who are still learning their jobs. This must be that "Health care peace of mind" that we were looking for.


Eagle park

Wanted to voice my opinion on county officials’ attempts to delay or stop the proposed Eagle terrain park. It looks like the county officials have had their egos/feelings hurt that they were not involved in formal meetings in the planning of this project. Typical of public officials, they apparently want the credit for coming up with this great plan and if that is not going to happen then they won’t play along.

On the one hand they claim to not have known about the project until very recently and in the same sentence they say their staff received all the information back in June. Sounds like politics and hurt feelings. I see complete hypocrisy with county officials complaining about the concession agreements Eagle has made with Mr. Neptune when they have done similar on numerous occasions.

Eagle city has done their homework, held numerous meetings open to the public and made all their information available to the county. If the county delays this project another month we will lose out on an entire season of winter fun for the citizens of this valley. These officials and their agenda should be exposed by the Statesman.



I read with sadness the passing of Pete T. Cenarrusa. When my husband and I moved to Idaho in 1986, our first stop was the Secretary of State office because we were filing to open a new business. Hanging on the wall in the reception area was a large picture of a WWII Corsair Fighter airplane, which gave us an instant feeling of excitement and anticipation at meeting the pilot of the airplane, Pete Cenarrusa. Many years later, after founding the Warhawk Air Museum and moving to Nampa Airport, I had the honor of interviewing Pete Cenarrusa for the Veterans History Project Program, a nationwide effort to record our veterans' stories, and preserving his military story on film. He loved his country, the Marines and loved and respected our veterans. He was an inspiration to everyone who met and knew him. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to cross his life path and preserve a piece of his life history. He was more than a dedicated political force. He was an American veteran who inspired everyone who knew him.


Regarding “Cenarrusa still stirs pot in Spain”:

I believe that there is a law in Spain that prohibits a person from making insulting or derogatory remarks about the dead. Ruperez should be ashamed of his disgraceful, arrogant and, I should say, racist remarks. Is there any reason why an independent Basque country is so important to so many!

MARK MOLINA, Fort Bragg, Calif.


I’m from California and I was surprised at the way bicyclists ride in Idaho. We live near Lucky 13 pizza at Warm Springs and Eckert. There is a bike path there with a stop sign. I have seen many bicyclists ride through the stop without looking either way. I have nearly hit them a number of times. I don’t want one as a hood ornament on my truck. I have called the Boise Police Department and could not get a straight answer on what the law is for bicyclists in Idaho. I have been told they don’t need to stop if no cars are coming, or they do not need to stop for they have the right-of-way over vehicles. Is this true?

I would suggest a license fee of $5 to $10 a year for bicycles. Have a sticker like the one to renew vehicle plates to put on the bike. Take the serial number of the bike in case it’s stolen. I’ve found bicycles that were abandoned and the police couldn’t find the owner. The fee could help pay for police bicycle officers to patrol, pay for bike safety classes, as well as new bike paths, and to repair old paths.


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