Caldwell woman sent to prison for manslaughter

October 16, 2013 

Paige Ireland


— Paige Ireland, 42, was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison for shooting her husband, Samuel Ireland, during a Feb. 10 argument at their home.

However, Third District Canyon County Judge Juneal Kerrick retained jurisdiction, which means Ireland could be placed on probation after six months if she successfully completes a prison program.

Ireland told police she and her husband were arguing the day he was shot and she decided to leave the house. She said she grabbed her hunting rifle after Samuel Ireland kept yelling at her. She said she did not realize the gun was loaded when she pulled the trigger.

Samuel Ireland was shot in the lower right ribs. Paige Ireland tried to help him and called 911. He later died at a Utah hospital.

Police said Paige Ireland cooperated with them during their investigation.

"The defendant should have never pulled the trigger, even if she believed the gun was unloaded," Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney Bryan Taylor said. "Now, she'll have to live with the consequences of that action for the rest of her life."

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