Letters to the editor: 10-14-2013

October 14, 2013 

Adler column

Regarding David Adler’s recent article about the tea party tantrum: Mr. Adler portends to be a scholar and professor of public affairs at BSU.

Maybe he has forgotten why our forefathers put our government together with three distinct branches. The House of Representatives is doing its job by using its power of the purse to stop an unfair law from being imposed on the American people. It’s the voters asking the House to stop Obamacare. Their representatives are only doing their job by representing the peoples wishes. The president has made a mockery out of this law by giving out 1,400 exemptions for corporations, government employees, himself and the legislators.

Every law enacted should be applied equally to all of the people. As far as the CR goes, if you remember before Jimmy Carter all federal agencies would submit a budget, and they would all be voted on separately. In 1978 this changed to save time, and budgets were indexed to the CPI. When the CPI rose dramatically into 1980, the cost of government exploded. To solve the problem, eliminate automatic funding and make every agency justify their funding each year. The tea party members are patriots, not insurrectionists.


Professor David Adler is exactly right, I believe, when he expresses in his Oct. 3 opinion piece “ ... the desperate need in America for civic education — for citizens and government officials alike.”

What is equally lacking in our country is the necessity for basic economic education; one seldom hears opinion pieces from the academic world that government spending, in exponential increments above and beyond realistic expectations of income, cannot be sustained.

The Affordable Care Act may or may not be a great idea, but what is certain is that it will add materially to a national debt that we and future generations have no way of repaying, higher taxes or not.


Term limits

On Feb. 2, 2002, Idaho became the first state to repeal its term limit laws, which voters had approved in 1994 and affirmed in three elections since then.

“We the People” have the power to limit the terms of our representatives in the Idaho Legislature.

“We the People” have the power to limit the terms of our representatives in Congress.

“We the people” do not need “term limits” laws to limit the terms of our representatives in state legislatures and Congress.

“We the People” simply agree that two terms is the maximum time that we will allow for any representative in our state Legislature, or who represent us in Congress, then we vote them out of office!

“We the People” care about getting rid of career politicians, reducing their undeserved pensions and electing representatives of state legislatures and Congress who will actually work for us, do what is best for us, and represent all of us in legislative and congressional activities.

“We the People” have the power! “We the People” need to begin limiting the terms of politicians. “We the People” elected them. “We the People” can vote the bums out. But will we?


Left-wing paper

Am I the only person to notice that the Statesmen opinions pages have turned farther to the left?

The new editorial page editor is strongly attracted to Mike Luckovich as his favorite political cartoonist. Luckovich hates Republicans and anything that they stand for.

I for one would like to have a little variety. I get tired of Dana Milbank and Maureen Dowd, how about Michael Rameriz once in awhile or Thomas Sowell as a commentator?

Maybe they are too radical for the Statesman! I look forward to hearing from Danny Savino once in a while to offset the likes of Leo Faddis.

I’m sure there are some good political cartoonists out there and other more mainstream writers, why not give them a try?


Right-wing writers

Every right-wing, John Birch, tinfoil-hat-wearing nut job in America has moved to Idaho. The Sept. 27 letters bear that out. The hate- and lies-filled letters from Peter Humm, Dean Haagenson and the Erkins leave me breathless. Haagenson insults the majority of Americans who voted for Obama by suggesting that if they were only as crazy as he and his Republican pals only then could they possibly know the “right” way to vote.

Unfortunately for Peter Humm, the only folks who miss the ignorant warmonger Bush live in Idaho — you know, nut country.

The Erkins lie about Michelle Obama and then have the gall to cite Dr. King. I suspect they hated King as much as they hate Obama.

The letter from Carolyn Trino, of McCall, accusing the rest of us who want a fair playing field and our fair slice of the economic pie of “class envy” is too ignorant to respond to. I suppose she thinks the one percent owning vastly more assets than the bottom 99 percent isn’t enough.

As for Richard Shropshire of Lowman, he refers to North End letters as “vitriolic leftist screeds.” As opposed to vitriolic right-wing trash from him!

KEITH HULL, Garden Valley

Meridian temple

As you may know, the Meridian Idaho Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was appealed. I am in full support for the Meridian Temple being built in my community. Some facts about the LDS faith in Meridian are that there were 11,870 Mormons in Meridian in 2010. Also that there was a 1,154 percent growth of the Mormon population from 1980 to 2010. For the city of Meridian, overall population growth was only 1,028 percent during the same time period. This being said, this building is much anticipated by many people in Meridian.

So I am asking you to attend the hearing in which the Ada County Commissioners will hear the appeal at 6 p.m. Oct. 23 in the Ada County Courthouse public hearing Room, 200 W. Front St., Boise. The public is welcome to offer comment at this hearing. If you aren’t available to attend the meeting to express your support, you can email Richard Beck at rbeck@adaweb.net. He will make sure your comments of support will be included in the case.

Thank you.

TYLER RICKS, age 15, Meridian High School


Please move Doonesbury to the editorial page where it belongs. I have been a Statesman subscriber and Doonesbury reader for many years, and at one time you did run this strip on the editorial page, but at some point it was unfortunately placed into the comics section.

Although several of Trudeau’s story lines are apolitical, his offering on Oct. 6 is blatantly so, and one never knows from day to day when you’ll be confronted by his political agenda. It is appropriate that the Statesman aligns its content with its readers’ expectations: humor in the cartoon section, and opinions on the editorial page.


ACA, Labrador

I tried calling Raul Labrador’s D.C. office to comment on his opposition to the Affordable Care Act and the tactic of holding the budget hostage, but the mailbox was full. Imagine that!

He is wrong when he tells us that the Affordable Care Act is a job killer. For the most part it hasn't even taken effect yet. The real problem is health care costs.

I’m not entirely happy with the Affordable Care Act, but at least it was an attempt to improve on a bad system. Instead of shutting down much of the federal government, which will come back and bite us, why not offer a better bill?

Lastly, my guess is he is hitching his horse to the wrong wagon. If this bill wasn't a good deal for the insurance industry, insurance companies wouldn't be advertising the policies. Labrador certainly wouldn't want to turn his back on their campaign contributions. The bill must be popular with some people or the online sites wouldn't have been overwhelmed.


Barack Obama

Obama bailouts turn into profits for taxpayers. Since the U.S. Treasury now owns around 80 percent of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, our U.S. Treasury is expected to receive $100 billion in profits this year.

This equals the combined profits for Exxon, Wal-Mart and Apple for 2012. While our Idaho do-nothing congressmen were dragging their feet and voting against everything, Obama pulled us out of the recession and put the entire auto industry back to work. He then proceeded to outsmart Pakistan and put an end to our worst enemy — Bin Laden.

Since the recent presidential election, when Romney’s shady past caught up with him, I have been receiving “Hate Obama” phone calls almost weekly.

It was a pleasure to spend last week with a group of Canadians, Australians and British who don’t need AK-47s or AR-15s to protect them or their freedoms from the government. Mass shootings of little children isn’t their style and they don’t need the NRA or Fox News making their decisions for them.



When the old southern Democrats co-opted the Republican Party after their rejection of the 1965 civil rights legislation it ultimately gave rise to the neo-confederate rejectionist tea party. They reject the authority and legitimacy of the federal government. These people are still fighting the Civil War and are determined to destroy the United States government from the inside. That is why they are so publicly giddy about shutting down the American government for all its citizens. The party of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Eisenhower is now the Jeff Davis party. In a democracy, the government is not the enemy, anarchists are.


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