Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, Oct. 13

October 13, 2013 


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BSU football

It was great to see a large crowd at the Southern Miss game. My compliments to Mark Coyle for his discount plan —it shows price matters and BSU is listening.

Good job, Mark!

We have to sell out the stadium on a regular basis, though, if we want to show bigger conferences that Boise is a viable member.

BSU needs a strategy to fill venues during less-than-perfect seasons. Clearance prices work once.

The athletic department must have funds to compete with the big conferences, but continually raising ticket prices and BAA fees has resulted in loyal fans giving up their tickets.

BSU makes money selling TV rights, but many people feel it’s easier to sit home in front of a big screen and watch the game.

I suggest BSU try a novel marketing approach — talk to fans who have given up their tickets, find out why and what it would take to bring them back. Have they called the letter writer who said Coyle should consult the BSU marketing school?

BSU needs to use a combination of personal marketing and reasonable seat fees, along with building the game-day atmosphere, to bring back loyal fans.


High school fees

The new rule this year to play high school sports in Nampa is that you have to pay a $50 transportation fee.

Public schools should be able to offer sports to the public without a charge. Even though the Nampa School District is going through a debt crisis, there could be other solutions rather than taking the opportunity to play sports away from children in low-income homes.

Sports in public schools are an excellent outlet for many students, and that has been taken away from a lot of them.

A change needs to be made.


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