Readers react: Heated debate over man’s video of Boise traffic stop

October 12, 2013 

Video captured by Washington resident Gavin Seim that has led to an internal investigation at the Boise Police Department.


What’s the fuss about?

A video of Boise police Sgt. Lori Sperry’s interaction with Gavin Seim, 28, of Ephrata, Wash. — who filmed a traffic stop earlier this week — has people talking at Here’s what some commenters have to say:

Todd Wilder

“Odd that she didn't make the people pumping gas move farther away; they looked closer than he was ...”

William Mullane

“Seemed like the officer was more than fair in asking Seim to move from behind her to an area where she could see him better. She did not appear to be concerned so much with the filming as with his position relative to hers. His refusal to cooperate escalated the situation and put the officer on edge. Seim is just trying to get publicity. He succeeded.”

Tomas Hopkins Primeau

“Sorry, but many of you in this forum use the pretext that this man was interfering with a traffic stop in order to denigrate or condemn his action. In no way whatsoever does he even remotely interfere with this traffic stop. ... this officer’s actions were way out of line, especially in terms of initiating physical contact. The filmmaker is right — if the situation were reversed, most officers would not hesitate to charge a citizen with assault with a similar level of physical contact.”

Howard P. Cooperman

“How many hundreds of traffic stops does this guy record and never post because nothing happens? Sure looks like he was baiting the officers just to try to get something to post. Monetizing the video, too. Nice touch. Seim should find another hobby.”

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