Letters to the editor-10-12-2013

October 12, 2013 

Thank you

I would like to thank Gov. Butch Otter for his gracious and reassuring letter posted on the website yourhealthcareidaho.gov, welcoming us to a health care marketplace “designed by Idahoans to help our fellow citizens obtain affordable coverage that’s right for them.” He goes on to encourage especially those without insurance to use the opportunity this website gives to become insured. Again, thank you, Governor.



The short answer to our State Board of Education’s question regarding why some high school graduates head to the San Francisco area for college rather than remain in Idaho: a superior education. In perusing the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, you will find four of the top 150 universities in the world (two of which are in the top 10) located in the Bay Area.

It surprises some Idahoans that there are parents here willing to invest significant sums in the education of their children. When Apple, General Electric or Boeing put money into research and development, knowing these up-front costs will pay future dividends, it is termed investment.

To our state’s administration and Legislature the adequate funding of our children’s education is not considered an investment but further wasteful government spending. This myopic and arguably anti-intellectual approach to public policy has led inevitably to our current predicament wherein we have an influx of companies to Idaho paying near-poverty wages and a tech industry struggling to find skilled employees. As long as our politicians’ goals are merely lower taxes and smaller government (at any cost), this situation will remain intractable.



Some of us in the twilight years of our lives have been dragged into the technological age. Even though we are aware that “playthings” in the hands of most people are helpful, informative and represent progress, we want to plead our case.

Many people do not want to give up the morning newspaper or bound volumes that are valuable resources which are gradually becoming obsolete. How can we maintain their place in a society gone high-tech? Are senior citizens also obsolete?

These questions suggest that there are still some things worth keeping in spite of changes that are sweeping through all facets of society. Let’s pause long enough to consider what is still worth preserving.


Idaho Aquarium

As Idaho Aquarium pass holders, we have become saddened by every new news story about the Idaho Aquarium. It absolutely must be operated ethically, legally and professionally. We are in full support of board member Cook’s statements and his refusal to sign the confidentiality agreement. We have never met Mr. Cook but we respect him and his decision, and for having the integrity to not look the other way.

In light of all the recent scandals concerning the operation of the IA, we feel Amanda Davison’s decision to falsely exercise the board’s right to conceal information discussed in board meetings is a very bad precedent that will hurt the future of the Idaho Aquarium. Withholding information from other board members, and more importantly the public, just seems a little sketchy at this time in the aquarium’s history. We hope Ms. Davison reconsiders her position and provides transparency in an attempt to save a valuable addition to our community.


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