Nampa's Farm & City Supply going out of business

October 11, 2013 

Nampa will lose a longtime business when Farm & City Supply closes for the last time.

Located at 5520 E. Franklin Road, the 12,000 square-foot store's Fashion Corral is selling off its western boots and clothing inventory at 50 to 70 percent off.

Owner Carl Woodburn said he expects to close before Thanksgiving.

Woodburn bought the property and opened the store in 2002, around the time when the Idaho Horse Park opened. Woodburn said his business plan revolved around drawing customers from Horse Park events and from the nearby Idaho Equine Hospital.

That part of the plan succeeded, Woodburn said, but only during the summer weekends when the rodeos and other events were in season.

"It's one of those deals in life where everybody and their brother thought (the business) was a slam-dunk, and everybody and their brother was wrong," Woodburn said.

The store was wasn't profitable most years. Woodburn, a cattle veterinarian, said he kept the store open out of stubbornness and because his Caldwell practice helped keep it afloat.

"I was sad (about the possibility of closing the store) until I made the decision," Woodburn said. "It's a decision I probably should have made a long time ago."

Woodburn said he hopes to lease the store, though he'd consider selling.

"I really hope someone else will try to put in a Western store," he said. "Maybe they'll do a better job than me. Maybe they can make it work."

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