Letters to the editor: 10-11-2013

October 11, 2013 


Failure to negotiate in good faith is illegal and punishable by law.

President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Reid, Republican tea party congressmen and others are guilty of failure to negotiate in good faith and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Implementation of Affordable Care Act is the problem at the center of this shutdown crisis and delaying implementation for one year is a reasonable solution in ending crisis. Our country and citizens have existed without the Affordable Care Act, the act is poorly understood by citizens and being used as a tool by both parties in preparing for the next election.

Delay for one year, educate and explain and enact necessary tax structure to fund the act before implementing.

Ignorance of the act is widespread, example, when asked by an on-street reporter if they preferred Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act many respondents said they preferred Affordable Care Act, in their ignorance they do not know they are the same.

Sometimes in a controversy it is necessary to back off and regroup before pressing on, that is the case here, the important thing is to get all government functions back in operation and the economic recovery back on track.


We furlough 800,000 government employees then pass a law that we will pay them when this totally stupid shutdown is ended. What's the point other than a paid vacation and a chance for Boehner and the bomb-throwing tea party and their ilk to posture? For a party that wants to cut spending, this is a total waste of hundreds of millions of dollars.

I agree with Ed Schultz: those right-wing nuts, like Labrador, who want to destroy the government because they don't like the president should be charged with attempted treason.

Why would anyone want to prevent the possibility of 30-plus million uninsured Americans getting affordable insurance? Only the selfish, the wealthy (Koch Bros, Walton kids, etc.) and the stupid who continue to elect these clowns against their own best interests.

It is a sad commentary when our beautiful country is held hostage by a few right-wing, reactionary Republicans. Let's not deal with hunger, infrastructure, jobs, health care or any of the myriad of other problems. Let's spend four years trying to embarrass the president because he is, after all, a Kenyan socialist. What a way to govern GOP!


Obama and the Democrats are firm about not compromising to end the government shutdown. Why? Because it is good fodder to blame Republicans and win in 2014.

Fortunately, all media is not censored and a few of their shenanigans are being exposed. They shut down the World War II Memorial at a time that many vets were making a once-in-a-lifetime visit. No staff was necessary to keep it open, but guards were hired to create a fence and keep the vets away.

But when Obama finds a cause he supports, keeping government land open is no problem. The administration allowed a massive rally for comprehensive immigration reform Oct. 8 in Washington, D.C. on the National Mall, even though it is supposed to be closed due to the federal government shutdown.

In addition, they are blocking entrance to Mount Rushmore so people can't drive by and see it.

Obama is even shutting down the ocean. He's prohibiting boating and fishing at 1,100 square miles of the Florida Bay and shut down the businesses there.

Republicans want to supply the funds to end this nonsense but the president will not hear of it.


Never have I gotten such an instant stress headache as I did Oct. 6 when reading the letters to the editor. Every single letter blamed someone other than President Obama and his minions for the government shutdown.

It is Obama who won't negotiate; it's his way or the highway period. That is a dictator attitude. If Obamacare is so special, then why is the federal government exempt? Why are the unions exempt? Our leaders should "lead by example," which means if we have to have Obamacare then they should as well.

The Congress has tried to negotiate, was willing to pass a clean bill, with the exception of Obamacare. Obama has fully admitted that for Obamacare to succeed the young people have to "buy into it." They can't even find jobs that are full time today much less afford the Obamacare premiums. Full-time jobs are on the decline because companies can't afford Obamacare.

What does that say? It says there is a problem here that needs to be addressed. Since Obamacare was passed Obama has modified who has to have it and who is exempt five times. Obama won't negotiate. This government shutdown is his responsibility!


Our government at work?

Remember those words in the preamble to the Constitution: We the people?

We the people, are the government, and our elected officials serve we the people, not the other way around.

My husband and I, celebrating a delayed 59th wedding anniversary trip with my sister and her husband from California, had made our reservations a year ago; my sister bought their plane tickets, and off we drove to Yellowstone, never dreaming our government would close the national parks.

There to greet us at the entrance was a sign: Closed due to lack of government funding (I have a picture of the sign). And for the people who came from all over the world, that was the only picture they got of Yellowstone!

How dare the government close those parks which belong to we the people!

How about the next election we vote them all out and pass a law that Congress, as the president, can serve but two terms? Maybe then they will be thinking less of how to win the next election, and more how to serve we the people!

God bless America.


Tip O'Neill, Sam Rayburn. Dennis Hastert. John McCormack. All served as speaker of the House. They came from both sides of the aisle. These were men who understood how our democracy is supposed to work. None of them would have shut down the government to protect their own position.

Then today we have John Boehner. A sad day for America.


It seems liberal Marxist voters don't seem to care that the mountebank mumbler occupying our White House has created a fiscal cataclysm as we all swim in debt, higher taxes, no free peanut butter sandwiches, jobs or discretionary income.

Meanwhile, his federalist foolish follies keep wreaking havoc on our economy. Here's the good news. The IRS reports a record $114 billion collected (last month), sales taxes $82 billion, and property taxes at $92 billion. Since roughly 63 percent own homes, we paid. The rest (37 percent) paid no property taxes yet used our schools, facilities and includes illegal aliens. That's special, huh?

$700 billion deficit and we owe some $17 trillion. The 30 odd Republican-led red states cut taxes and many have a surplus. Many Democrat states raised taxes and show deficits. Detroit has/is run by liberal socialist marxist Democrats. The result: bankruptcies and some 60,000 vacant properties. But wait.

Add in Obamacareless free/healthcare — suddenly a horrendous mess ensues, jobs disappear and he gets the credit. Next time don't hire a community organizer. Don't hire Democrats. No unions. No IRS.

Don't re-hire anyone who increases taxes, keeps taking/spending your money and gives you no free peanut butter sandwiches.


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