Police: Suspect screamed at officers to shoot him during standoff

October 10, 2013 

— An attempted warrant arrest turned into a standoff Thursday morning in Caldwell when the suspect barricaded himself inside a house, police said.

Caldwell police officers went to John R. Bowers’ Roanoke Drive home at about 9:30 a.m. to arrest him. But after the officers spotted Bowers, he ran into the house and locked the door, police said.

Caldwell Police Sgt. Joey Hoadley said officers had to break down the front door to get inside.

But when they found Bowers in the living room, he refused to follow commands and began screaming at the officers to shoot him, he said.

“He was making some pretty wild, outlandish threats about us shooting him, and wanting to be killed,” he said.

Officers deployed a K-9 police dog, but Bowers ducked into the garage and barricaded himself inside before the dog reached him, Hoadley said.

The suspect then called 911, telling dispatchers that he would not be taken alive.

One of the officers called Bowers on his cell phone and began talking to the suspect, trying to convince him to come out.

“We told him the truth: We told him that we weren’t going anywhere, and our SWAT team was on the way,” Hoadley said. “His best option was just to come out and surrender peacefully.”

Bowers eventually surrendered to police and was arrested without incident.

He was booked into the Canyon County Jail on a felony warrant for failure to appear on a drug charge, a misdemeanor traffic warrant, and felony probation violation.

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