Letters to the editor - government shutdown

October 9, 2013 


is being extorted in this standoff, it is the American people, by Barack Obama. For years the Democrats have sensationalized the picture of Republicans as being uncaring, throwing granny off the cliff and taking food out of the mouths of babes. Over the years the right has had to succumb time and time again to have any say in government. The result has been the continuing increase in government largesse through ALL levels of society.

Today what you see in government is simply the coming to a head of two divergent political philosophies - one that takes advantage of the human frailty of taking more than is given, to get what it wants, the other that looks ahead to endeavor to keep a budget in line so that services are not completely lost in the future.

It is the time to make the choice. We either abandon all of the principles that this country was founded on or we accept the socialism that Obama and the left are bringing to your lives. Republicans are not free from guilt, but it is time to make a stand.



shutdown will quickly end if the House votes on a clean continuing resolution, which would likely pass. Restoring services piecemeal or defunding or postponing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are not good options. As family physicians, we support implementation of the ACA because it will reduce the number of uninsured Idahoans and improve community health. Give the ACA a chance to work and then improve it.

Unfortunately, House Republicans did not listen to the sage advice of Republican patriarch John McCain, who predicted defunding the ACA in conjunction with a continuing resolution was doomed to failure. Instead, they listened to the harebrained advice of Ted Cruz, who spent over 20 hours twisting the truth, telling everyone to hold tight and defund the ACA at all costs, otherwise it would be implemented and Americans would get addicted to it.

In addition to causing major domestic problems, the shutdown has reduced the effectiveness and credibility of U.S. leadership economically, politically and militarily throughout the world. Republicans and Democrats need to pass a clean continuing resolution to restore critical governmental functions, put 800,000 dedicated federal workers back to work, and enable more uninsured Americans to obtain health insurance.



finally did it! It's clear now that the Tea Party's primary goal was to shut down the government. Forty-seven meaningless votes to repeal Obamacare, dozens of congressional "scandal" hearings and hundreds of hollow promises to create jobs just filled the time until they created another budget crisis.

While they would love to kill Obamacare, killing the government is … wow! I find it amusing how many people want to blame someone else when the TPers have gone out of their way to take credit for the shutdown.

One only has to watch the videos of the Tea Partiers' giddy celebrations to understand how pleased they are. They fancy themselves patriotic heroes or the David who slew Goliath. Only in the deluded, warped minds of a Tea Partier can one imagine themselves a hero for shutting down the government, for sending 800,000 workers home on furlough, for reversing our economic recovery, for holding the country hostage and for threatening to default on our debts because they don't like a democratically legislated, constitutionally upheld law. There is a word for those who attempt to undermine our government; it certainly isn't hero.



is imposing upon us this past week is not the "Affordable Care Act." The point being is that Congress passed it, the president signed it, and the Supreme Court upheld it. Since then the president has changed the law without support of any other part of the government. He stripped the employer mandate, stripped it of income verification, stripped it of caps on out-of-pocket expenses, changed over half the statutory deadlines, granted 1,472 waivers, and he added a subsidy for all the members of Congress and their staff.

One must ask, "Is this the law that was signed back in the spring of 2010?" All these unconstitutional changes seem to indicate that it is not. There is a way for the Congress to handle this. Constitutionally the House of Representatives has the purse strings. They can simply not fund this, which is no longer what they sent to the president to sign into law. This is what they have chosen to do. The president, in response to this, has chosen to shut down the government.



conducted an autopsy to explain the death of the Republican Party, many Americans were surprised to learn the sudden demise of the Grand Old Party wasn't caused by the corruption, greed and incompetence that usually turns voters against career politicians.

After identifying Tea Party cancer as the cause of death, the coroner quickly determined that American hero John McCain was largely responsible for getting his party infected with the fatal malignancy. In a desperate, Hail Mary effort to win the presidency, he chose a Tea Party darling as his running mate. This allowed the radical group to infiltrate America's mainstream political system, eventually take over the Republican Party and shut down our government.

Although Democrats rejoiced when their principal political adversary self-destructed, there is evidence the celebration was premature. The American public has finally become disgusted with this failed two-party system and appears ready to throw all of the bums out of office.

Voters are tired of both parties behaving like street gang warlords, planting red and blue flags on what they deem to be their turf. Winning re-election and staying in power must never again take priority over helping average Americans improve their lives.


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