Star City Council, seat 3: Richard Lockett

October 8, 2013 

Name: Richard Lockett

Age: 43

Occupation: Owner of Richard's Sports Supply, wholesale/distributor of fishing, hunting and camping supplies (1980 to present)

Education: Born and raised in Boise. Graduated from Boise High in 1989, attended Boise State for two years.

Prior political experience:not answered

Civic involvement: Spent 35 summers in Grandjean. Became part owner of Sawtooth Lodge, 1996-2004. Started Grandjean Fire Department (1991-2004).

Years living in Star: Moved to Star in 1998 from Boise.

Family: Married my lovely bride in 1994, have four wonderful daughters, ages range from 1 to 16 years old, oldest at Eagle High, two at North Star Charter, and the youngest at home.

Website:none provided

Social media: Facebook.

1. What makes you a better choice for voters than your opponent(s)?

My opponent once received a vote of "no confidence" from the existing city council and mayor. He has lost the touch with the people of Star and city officials. I am a proven team player. I will be the voice of the people. I am the right choice.

2. If elected, what are your top three priorities? How will you accomplish them? Please provide specifics.

1. Keep the city safe. 2. Keep the city fiscally sound. 3. Provide unparalleled integrity to the council.

3. What is the one thing your city should start doing to encourage economic development and create jobs?

Jobs will come as the city will grow, we need not stand in the way.

4. How do you envision your city 10 to 20 years from now? How should it change?

Star will continue to grow at a moderate pace. We are surrounded by other cities and BLM to the north. We will fill out nicely in due time.

5. Are you concerned about public apathy and involvement in civic matters? How would you get more people involved?

The government should not be in control of getting people out of their houses, churches, civic clubs. Others should do that part. The city should not stand in the way. The city can provide open space, i.e. parks and other areas of interest, to let people gather.

6. What are the top two issues facing Star, and how should they be addressed?

1. Keep taxes low. I will ensure that taxes will be low. 2. Growth. Use common sense approach!

7. If tax revenues take an upswing in the next few years, which part of city government do you think most needs an infusion of cash, and why?

Star is lucky we are in the black and we have a rainy day fund. Currently everything is running fine.

8. If more budget tightening is needed, where would you look first for cuts? Why?

Budget tightening: none right now.

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