Letters to the editor-10-08-2013

October 8, 2013 

Boise city bonds

Three open houses informing Boise citizens about November bond election — 63 attended. Recently City Council (two absent) unanimously voted to put following on ballot — $18.4 million for one of the main votes, including:

1. Upgrade or replace four fire stations.

2. Build new central fire training facility on Joplin Road for Boise/surrounding communities.


1. Can’t the existing fire agency be used?

2. If not, why can’t a new center be built in an area accessible/supported by all communities?

The other main vote will include $15.5 million for more Foothills open space and to develop three new parks/add amenities to existing ones.


1. Why aren’t present Foothills open spaces adequate?

2. What percent of proposed open space will be acquired from private ownership?

3. Will the public be allowed on new acquisitions?

4. Why $5.5 million for parks when the 80 existing parks are evenly distributed?

Google boisecitycouncil.com; pray Psalm 127:1 and vote!


TJ Thomson

I first met TJ Thomson at an AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic in Boise a few years ago. I had felt disillusioned with the hostility and narrow-mindedness of many elected officials in Idaho’s majority party.

So meeting this poised, balanced progressive was a silver lining in Idaho’s cloudy sea of rigid leadership.

TJ is well known throughout Idaho as an engaged citizen and respected policy analyst, program evaluator and community organizer.

I also support TJ because he has kept his promises, helping to strengthen our area over the last four years.

I would encourage all voters in his area to keep this ball rolling and vote for the re-election of TJ Thomson to Boise City Council.


Eagle park

Sochi 2014! The Winter Olympics are just around the corner (February 2014) and there’s a new kid in town. We’ve enjoyed freeskiing (halfpipe and slope-style) watching X Games and now they will be a part of the Olympics. The proposed Gateway Park in Eagle is a gateway to learning to ski and board and having all the fun of freeskiing. After the kids watch the Olympics, freeskiing is going to explode! It will be so exciting to head to the new Gateway Park to try those awesome tricks and then venture up to Bogus to try them on the “big hill.”

We’ve seen the articles in the Statesman and the news reports on local stations. Many of us have attended the Eagle City Council meetings and learned about the park. It’s clear to see that the Eagle City Council researched the park and its advantages and disadvantages (if there are any) carefully. Ryan Neptune has patiently and thoroughly explained his plan. Gateway Park is a recreational win for the residents of Ada County.

Get involved. Let the Ada County commissioners know you support Gateway Park. Email them at bocc1@adaweb.net.



Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, pirates, Arabs from North Africa, were a constant and dangerous presence in the Mediterranean Sea, until the British Navy put them out of business (another great story in history). Piracy has reared its ugly head during recent times in that same area.

Russia has opened a piracy case against Greenpeace, the environmental group who sent their vessel, the Arctic Sunrise, to attempt to climb onto Gazprom’s oil platform in the Barents Sea as a protest against Arctic drilling.

The 30 crew members of the Arctic Sunrise include one American, the rest from other nations. The ship was towed to Murmansk by Russian authorities. Of course, Greenpeace said that they did not have the right to seize the ship.

These actions on the part of some environmentalists showed a disregard for the safety of the workers on the platform, as well as invasion of property, and are another item in a long list of contraventions as they work outside the law to accomplish doubtful ends.

The United States has always been a republic of law, not scandalous behavior, committed in our pledge to bring “liberty and justice to all.” We can be proud of that.


Pete Cenarrusa

Brad Little shows his ignorance. While commenting on Pete Cenarrusa passing, Little’s quote, “Pete would not have been a good invalid.” Perhaps. Choose your words wisely. Life is hard.


Les Miz

A shout out for “Les Miserables” at Knock ’Em Dead Theater through November 2. Intimate venue; excellent singing and staging. “We Need a Little Christmas” follows.


Public lands

The Founding Fathers, contrary to popular belief, were not in favor of local control when it came to subjects of national interest. The reasoning was that the more people making the decision, the less likely that the majority would have a vested interest and would vote on the merits.

This is why Rep. Labrador’s bill to put public lands under local control is a bad idea.

I am sure the main purpose is to make it easier to exploit the public lands and not to save them. The old-growth forest got that way by thousands of years of being left alone, not by managed clear-cutting.

PAUL VALAS, Meridian

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