Nampa mayoral race: Robert Muse

October 7, 2013 

Name: Robert D. Muse

Age: 56

Occupation: Bail Agency Owner and Idaho licensed for 8 years; family owned business Suicycle off-road motorcycle parts, accessories and service for 23 years; Director of Security and Fugitive Recovery Operations Owner, 10 years; Automotive Service Adviser for Warranty Contract Sales and Consumer Credit; Previous Idaho Peace Officer and Certified Idaho Law Enforcement Officer; Veteran USAF Honorably discharged

Education: Currently completing (GPA 4.0) a Doctorate (PhD) Public Administration program that develops theories of leadership and public administration. Master’s of Science Degree in Public Safety Leadership and Management Specialization (2008-2012, GPA 3.58) focused on leadership and theory relevant to the fields of law enforcement, criminal justice, corrections, probation and parole, fire services, emergency management, Police departments, U.S. Marshals, immigration, 9-1-1 Sheriff emergency communications, Emergency Medical Services and (EMS). Master’s of Science Degree in Human Social Services and Criminal Justice Specialization (2006-2008, GPA 3.75) that prepared a professional to understand and effectively address the complex issues surrounding criminal behavior. Graduate Specialization Certificate issued in Mental Health and Addictions. Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice (2004-2006, GPA 3.65) received was designed for professionals who want to increase their knowledge in public safety as it relates to law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

Prior political experience: 2012 Canyon County Sheriff Constitutional Conservative candidate (21,000 votes, 34 percent, and 11,000 votes in the city of Nampa)

Civic involvement: 2013 Endorsed Member of the Canyon County Republican Liberty Caucus; 2013 Endorsed Member of the Canyon County Republican District Twelve; 2012-13 Member of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association; 2012 Current President of the Idaho Bail Coalition; National Rifle Association; 2006 to 2011 Member of the Professional Bail Agents Idaho Association 1998-2000 Football defensive Nampa Christian High School; 1900-2000: President of Southwestern Idaho Desert Racing Association; Member of the Blue Ribbon Coalition; America Motorcycle Association Congressman; Access to public land in the Owyhee Desert with letters of recommendation for efforts by Owyhee County Commissioners, testified at Congressional hearing in front of Helen Chenoweth.

Years living Nampa: 23 years

Family: Married 35 years to wife; three children; and four grandchildren


Social media accounts: Facebook

1. What makes you a better choice for voters than your opponent(s)?

Do you want government efficiency (loss of liberty) or Individual effectiveness (increase of liberty)? Power and control by government and political officials — backed by people with hidden political and business agendas and the creation of political (unnatural) laws — have convinced us to sacrifice our freedoms bit by bit to government agencies urban renewal corporations, private associations of commerce and public sector unions utilize tax freeloading and rationing of services that affect personal wealth and education. Who will protect your right to life, liberty and individual ownership of private property? The United States of America represents man at his best because we live in a pro-life culture, which recognizes and honors man’s nature as a rational being. This embodies the moral values that make life as a man possible — freedom, reason, individualism, and man’s natural rights; capitalism, self-reliance, and self-responsibility based on free will and achievement. Will you choose?

2. If elected, what are your top three priorities? How will you accomplish them? Please provide specifics.

The principle of this natural law is to protect our (1) individual ownership of private property rights and (2) defend civil liberty to have (3) freedom of choice in personal decisions and independent ownership. This is about saving our country, one city at a time and one county at a time. Our inherited constitutional protections and — the natural rights of life and liberty cannot be bought or sold to the government or an individual or transferred from one individual to another. This life and liberty are created by divine presence and must continue to be protected! Who will fight to (4) reduce taxes, (5) lessen government intrusion, (6) clean up wasteful spending and (7) bring common sense back into city governance? I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and affirming our values that we are guardians of the Republic for the principles in our Declaration of Independence.

3. What is the one thing your city should start doing to encourage economic development and create jobs?

Protect the individual ownership of private property rights and defend civil liberty to have freedom of individual choice to fail or succeed. Eliminate the Urban Renewal Agency as soon as possible and bring the budget back to a 2 percent levy rate over the next 3 years, and start repairing roads by eliminating the Idaho Center from the budget. The highest authority and position of “public trust” in our nation's history is not a position to be taken lightly or to be influenced by any outside special interest, favoritism or the political unnatural laws of over regulation that have created current and future burdens of debt by Nampa’s urban renewal agency that could lead to both private and public sector bankruptcies. This has all too often been accomplished through our lawmakers -who have enacted more (unnatural) laws in a supposed effort to protect everyone from everything, even from ourselves.

4. How do you envision your city 10 to 20 years from now? How should it change?

The future will rely on an oath with honor and duty that is infinite in matters of liberty and freedom but constrained in the following operational statement, “our oath is to protect individual ownership of private property rights and defend civil liberty which is an effective freedom of choice to provide free and fair commerce through ethical and moral deregulation against the efficiency of unnatural political laws that reduce liberty and corrupt capitalism. Capitalism is the greatest moral system of intellectual ethical freedom provided by divine creation of natural law for the principles and values found in the Constitution that we have inherited. This requires defending individual ownership of private property rights through civil liberty to exercise a continuum of freedom found in the U.S. Constitution through the Bill of Rights as a functioning and a descriptive purpose for human nature and the our duty as a “Good Samaritan."

5. Are you concerned about public apathy and involvement in civic matters? How would you get more people involved?

In the city of Nampa there is a need for limited representative government and the rule of constitutional law that subscribe to the reasons of logic governed by the natural laws that a man or woman can understand. I represent a citizen patriot at his best. I protect the values that make life as a man or woman possible that include freedom, reason, individualism, and a man’s or woman’s natural rights which are capitalism, self-reliance and self-responsibility based on free will and achievement. These values of life, the values of our constitution, are ethical principles for all men that want to reduce the barriers of progressive censorship, IRS audits, the National Defense Act authorization that suspended of habeas corpus and prejudice against constitutional conservatives and warrantless recording of cellular phone conversations and discrimination against patriots of this country by various out of control local, county, state and federal governments.

6. What are the top two issues facing Nampa, and how should they be addressed?

Who will fight to reduce taxes, lessen government intrusion, clean up wasteful spending and bring common sense back into city governance? Let me share my heart with you my love for this country. I am seeking the office of Mayor in the City of Nampa Idaho where property taxes are the highest in the State and city ordinances that have removed your civil liberty and freedom of choice.

7. If tax revenues take an upswing in the next few years, which part of city government do you think most needs an infusion of cash, and why?

Simple answer, pay down the debt. We do not need to finance ridiculous projects such water ponds for dogs at the dog park for $120,000. Roads, sewers, drainage, and normal infrastructure must be maintained and upgraded. Frivolous projects as mentioned always appear. Let private foundations sand individuals fund there own special interests.

8. If more budget tightening is needed, where would you look first for cuts? Why?

No pain, no gain. First you have to realize 30 percent of the budget is excessive based on a 2 percent levy rate. It appears Obama economics is alive and well in the city of Nampa. The city government used the Urban Renewal Agency to print its own money through a 46 percent in revenue taxation and an increase of 20 percent in property assessments. You have to reduce labor, eliminate frivolous projects, and stop building pyramids like the Tom Dale Public Safety Building and the Bob Henry Library that each voted for our $100 million of debt. In effect, no more Attorney Bujak trials and city deals. My claim is that an aspiration moral ideal has replaced real moral obligation. Constitutional concepts of ethics by the founding fathers could be developed as a freedom map for a continuum to serve with a duty and liberty for limiting beneficence.

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