Book review: Idaho author takes you on an exciting journey



    by Janie Quinn Storck (Idaho); ($14.95)

This is an interesting story full of history, suspense and the paranormal. Janie Quinn Storck writes fascinating characters that are caught up in war - but not just any war, as the psychic world factors into their ordinary world.

Anne Merrill is a reluctant psychic and OSS agent in World War II. She not only is engaged in the regular war but also finds herself locked in a psychic war with her powerful, psychic father, Albert. He is involved in the Chhayas Society (Shadows Society), and they use their powers to assist the Nazis. She works alongside fellow OSS agent Paul Bancroft whom she forms a close relationship with. He is battling his own demons, as a hereditary disease threatens his life.

My take: "From the Shadows" is a frightening look at what the world could be if psychic powers were used for evil. As a young American living in Bermuda, Merrill wants to help the effort and use her abilities during the war.

This leads her deeper into the war inside Germany, battling the Shadows Society and her German-born father.

This is a psychological thriller that keeps you turning the pages until the end. It grabs you from the beginning, taking you through a roller coaster ride of emotion. Storck has done an excellent job of mixing history, espionage and romance.

My review: Recommended

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