Letters to the editor: 10-06-2013

October 6, 2013 

Idaho reps

Our congressional delegation is acting like spoiled children in a sandbox, quarreling, throwing sand and calling names.

Grow up. Be mindful, that wrong headed policies supported by our delegation have helped Idaho become the home of men and women who live in poverty while working full time for the minimum wage or less. Are you proud that Idaho's workforce has the largest percentage of minimum wage workers of any state in the nation?

Now our delegation wants to deny those same working folk health care insurance. Say nothing of health care for our under- and unemployed, who also see our delegation obstruct meaningful job creation legislation. At the same time you want to strip these folks of food benefits for not having a job.

Our delegation is the epitome of boots on the ground in the war against the working poor. Shame on you.


A request to the Idaho delegation in Washington D.C., to please stop using the threat of government shutdown to get health care laws revoked.

They were elected to represent Idaho at the national level. No one expected the Congress to jeopardize the federal government and the national economy when they sent them to govern us.

If they don't agree with current laws, they need to work to adjust them and make them better. Sometimes people do have to compromise.


I, like many Americans, watched Congress stunning display of incompetence in a state of horrified disbelief. Call me naive, but I have always hoped that my representatives were ready to govern.

The decision to shut down all nonessential functions of my government is the farthest thing away from governing I can imagine.

I believe the shutdown of the American government is a failure on the part of House Republicans. It is a failure promoted specifically by Rep. Labrador when he signed onto an irresponsible letter recommending tying the operation of the government to de-funding the Affordable Care Act. While I do not believe that the ACA is the legislation that the U.S. needs, I do believe the pursuit of this radical agenda demonstrates a serious failure.

I urge Republicans to pass a clean continuing resolution. I do so, referencing James Madison in Federalist 10: "[A faction] may clog the administration, it may convulse the society; but it will be unable to execute and mask its violence under the forms of the Constitution." Please act, as Madison reminded Americans that we must, in the interest of the "public good and the rights of other citizens."



We all have strong beliefs and values, and I respect the men and women in Congress who dedicate their lives to fulfilling their ideals in the world. Without people like them, the world would remain stuck in vicious cycles of ignorance, exploitation and inequality. I thank our congressmen for their service and their good intentions.

While I remain respectful of their beliefs and intentions, I am disappointed that Raul Labrador has sacrificed so much for his values surrounding health care. He undoubtedly feels that he is right, and this feeling of certainty gives him great moral strength, but I would like to point out that everyone in the argument feels similarly and that no one has a privileged position of certainty. That being the case, we have developed a careful political system to ensure that conflicts do not spiral into paralysis or violence.

I am worried that Congress is abandoning this system and dissolving the deference we give to everyone, regardless of their political positions.

In short, the certainty of Labrador and his colleagues has become a potentially dangerous thing, and I worry that their moral vigor has blurred the lines of civility, cooperation, and mutual respect.


Thanks to Raul Labrador for ruining our vacation. We were going to visit the national parks and they are closed. I do not care how he spins it, he is at fault and I will remember at the next election.


Government shutdown

Congratulations GOP! Those congressional members bound to the tea party and far right wing have achieved a first in democratic political history, proving that an entire country can be sacrificed to organized ignorance and petty grievances draped in self-righteousness. These representatives and those who support them have established a standard for incompetence that should endure far beyond their lifetime.


They quit on us once again, Stalemate once again, opposing the other party once again.

Well, I say enough is enough. This so called government shutdown is the last straw. Nothing says I quit to the American people more than shutting governments doors and letting the American people fend for themselves. So you quit us once again. So go home, you're fired.

The American people have been so desperate for leadership to solve our country's problems but yet both parties laugh at us and continue to collect their handsome paychecks. For many years the American people have wanted resolution to such key topics such as health care, Social Security and immigration, but yet all Congress does is oppose, stalemate and veto. Vote the party line. And what do we do, the American people? We vote you right back in. It's enough for me. Never a Republican, but once a third generation Democrat. I'm so soundly disappointed in our government. America needs to impeach each and every member of Congress. You quit, so get out, you're fired.


Well I see the schoolyard bullies are at it again. It isn't any one party, it is both of them. They seem to operate as if they were omnipotent.

To a degree it is our fault for electing people with no principles and not dedicated to serving us. In my estimation I don't think that there is one brain in the whole of D.C. This could have all been avoided had they used a thing called compromise.

You don't see them doing without their pay but everyone working for the government and the military are going to be affected. It is too bad that those in power don't have a quality called integrity. It is all about power and who has the most.

The Democrats are all too quick to blame the Republicans, it seems as if they don't want to take responsibility for what they do. I am neither and do not support either party, they are not the parties that I grew up with, I am ashamed of both of them.


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