Gunshot report prompts search of southeast Boise neighborhood

October 3, 2013 

Boise police flooded the southeast Boise neighborhood where Trailwind Elementary School and Les Bois Junion High are located.

Officers from the Boise Police Department, the Ada County Sheriff's Office and the Garden City Police Department were seen carrying rifles in the neighborhood surrounding the school, located at 3701 E. Lake Forest Forest Drive, said Lynn Hightower, Boise police spokeswoman.

No suspects were located but the search is continuing. Hightower said neighbors were being cooperative.

"At this time, there is no suspect info and the situation does not appear to pose a threat to public safety at this time," Hightower said.

Police received a call at about 1:30 p.m. that a shot was fired in a large public area off Lake Forest Drive. One person reported seeing the shot fired. Another person reported hearing what sounded like a gunshot.

The two schools are located about a mile apart on a winding road but are much closer walking across fields that separate the two campuses.

"The witness certainly seems credible," Hightower said. "We took this seriously. It's a crowded area used by a lot of people."

There was no school today because of teacher in-service days today and Friday. However, about 40 children were at a Trailwind child care program. Six of the children are of pre-school age, with the rest in kindergarten through sixth grade, Boise School District spokesman Dan Hollar said.

The school, which also had teachers inside was placed on lockdown at police request at about 1:35 p.m. as a precaution, Hightower said. The schools went to a shelter-in-place status after about an hour.

"Everyone is safe and secure," Hollar said.

Parents were allowed to pick up their children at the school.

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