Turner outage continues: What channel can’t you live without?

Statesman staffOctober 3, 2013 

Has your TV gone black?

A dispute between Cable One and Turner Network over pricing has left many Treasure Valley residents without TNT, TBS, CNN, the Cartoon Network, Headline News and Turner Classic Movies, among other channels. We asked our Facebook readers: What TV channel could you not live without?

Some knew right away

Tina Upton said she “could care less about CNN but my hubby would be really happy if TBS were back so he could watch baseball playoffs.” For Dustin Murphy, it’s USA Network — “got to love my wrestling.” Lindsay Rock answered in just one word: “AMC.” Someone else drives the TV watching in Sandy Tracy’s household. She wrote, “Well, apparently my son noticed the Cartoon Network was missing..”

The answer for others: Who needs TV?

“Cable companies have become irrelevant,” declared Barbara Ludwig, who wrote she gets her news, movies and TV shows on the Internet. “If you're worried about whether you can ‘live without’ TV, you should reassess your lifestyle!” wrote Kelsey Jae Nunez. Dwight Tovey replied: “Kelsey is right. ... If the TV is on, it's so that we can watch a show on Netflix. If the internet is out, then we have DVDs. If that doesn't work, then we have books.”

Meanwhile, negotiations continue

Cable One, which serves 730,000 customers in 19 states and also provides Internet and television service, said in a news release that it will automatically credit its customers while the channels are missing. “This is the same powerplay that these networks keep doing with all of the programming providers ... and its getting old,” reader Robert Mitchell said of Turner’s actions. “The day needs to come where we can just pick ala carte on what channels we would like to get.”

What do you think?

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