Letters to the editor: 10-03-2013

October 3, 2013 

A breast cancer survivor

For us, our baby sister, Kelli, was always the one we looked after and took care of, so when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, we all went through the "why couldn't it be me" phase. At the time, our father was fighting his own cancer, and our lives were turned upside down. It was a very scary and sad time for our family. Kelli didn't want to worry dad and knew mom had enough on her plate, so she put on her big-girl pants, didn't complain about the treatment or losing her hair, and always said "I feel fine" or "it wasn't that bad." She ended up having a double mastectomy, but that did not slow her down, and she made sure no one was going to have a pity party on her behalf.

Unfortunately, our father lost his battle with cancer, but I'm positive that he is watching in wonderment at the strength of his baby girl. She has not once lost her compassion, her passion, her astounding strength and positive attitude. Kelli Roberts Flores, you are indeed a survivor. You are not only our baby sister, you are also our hero. Life is indeed what you make it. We love you.


Onion harvest

My first year in Middleton during autumn, as I drove to work with the windows down, I became aware of a piercing aroma in the morning air. I went through a mental checklist to identify this, and the closest I could come up with was cooking onions in a meatless stew.


I was nowhere near a restaurant, and couldn't imagine someone's private kitchen would be emitting this heavy but delicious aroma.

As I drove farther down the road, I saw onions scattered along the side of the highway. Some still were encased in their golden skins, while others were denuded and splintered. I couldn't believe it, but there was the proof. Being from Las Vegas, I didn't see the humble beginnings of vegetables. For a split second, I thought of pulling to the side of the road and picking up the freebies. I quickly thought against it as I saw the speeding cars and semi-trucks whizzing by. I smiled to myself as I drove past the mini-harvest, watching the crackling, amber onion skins catch the breeze.


Affordable Care Act

We ordinary Americans find it unfair and a corruption of our government for President Obama to exempt his special groups, big business, unions and Congress from Obamacare. Hey, we want out, too!

Obamacare is a nation-changing, bureaucracy-building, enormously expensive, freedom-grabbing, job-killing law containing more than 2,000 pages of rules, fines and whatnot. The IRS is even involved as the enforcer. Democrat Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass it so we would know what is in it! What?

If Obamacare is not defunded now, it will never go away, and we will become, and suffer from, the socialist European state the left has been dreaming of for years.


Ed Lotterman

Ed Lotterman's column (Sept. 25) was a good description of "What the Fed actually does." However, I must quibble with a few of his statements.

He wrote, "Any marginal benefit to the economy from the Fed's unprecedented low interest rate policy is diminishing ... " I would argue that the interest rate policy has had no positive effect on the overall economy except to inflate the stock market and keep Wall Street rich and profitable. I would also argue that when and under what circumstances the Fed will tighten are not unanswered; they will not do anything until after the 2014 congressional elections, regardless of who the Fed chairman is. This economy is a disaster from the exploding national debt to lowering unemployment based upon people leaving the workforce, not more jobs being created, and is a direct result of this administration's policies.


Pope Francis

I applaud Pope Francis' honesty and courage for criticizing the church for putting dogma before love. Dogma separates us as humans and, therefore, cannot lead us to peace. I would ask that each of us evaluate what we expect the benefits of dogma to be and why that is more important to us than peace on Earth.



Your cartoon for Sept. 24 was very offensive. The implication was that most Christians are full of "condemnation, spite and anger." I am sure you would not substitute some other religion for the word Christian.

ARLIE SHAW, Mountain Home


Here we go again — the Republicans throwing a tantrum and shutting down the government. Why can't Grover Norquist and his Republican Party be honest? They are not worried about the price of Obamacare, they are afraid it will work to the benefit of the American citizens. Their entire platform from the day that President Obama was elected by the American citizens has been to stop any and every bill that is favored by the president.

Take a look at your party — used to be mine. Revered President Ronald Reagan — tell me the airlines are better than before he broke the unions. President George H.W. Bush — won a war to protect his oil interests. President George W. Bush started several wars, and protecting the oil interests in this country was again one of the major concerns.

President Obama inherited the worst of eight years of bad decisions by the Republicans. What are Republicans afraid of — the millions they have spent trying to stop Obamacare?

In my opinion, they would give the citizens what they need by supporting Obamacare with all that money they're putting in trying to stop it.

Go President Obama!


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