Ask Zimo: Older hunters still need to get an Idaho hunting license

pzimowsky@idahostatesman.comOctober 3, 2013 


Q: I'm 77 and want to know if I still need a hunting and fishing license. Someone told me I don't need to get one anymore.


A: You still need to purchase a license to go hunting and fishing in Idaho no matter how old you are. Licenses don't become free after a certain age like skiing at some ski areas.

However, hunting and fishing's a real deal in Idaho for seniors 65 and older. You can't beat a combo license for $11.75.


Q: You tweeted from @Zimosoutdoors on Monday about snow in the high country. What do we need to be prepared for if we use off-highway vehicles?


A: I've been on several remote adventures during the last few weeks and was really surprised at what can happen in the wild, windy and wet weather we've had lately.

On Monday, I drove a couple of back roads, northeast of Idaho City, and came across rocks in the road that rolled off the embankment after the soil got too moist. I had to get out and move them. I did it by hand, but if they were heavier, I would have needed a tow strap to move them.

There also were limbs on the road that were blown from snags. Luckily, the snags didn't totally give way.

On an earlier trip, we did come across a full tree across the road and had to cut it out with a hatchet, which wasn't fun. I forgot the hand saw.

Besides debris, you've also got to watch the shoulders of some dirt and gravel roads. They can get pretty soft with all of moisture we've had recently.

And who knows, you may come across a washout and have to totally backtrack.

If you're traveling back roads in bad weather, have a tow strap, axe, shovel, a handsaw, or a chain saw, if you have one. A come-along winch is handy, too. Let your relatives know exactly where you are going and when you'll return home in case you get stuck. Stash some sleeping bags and extra clothing, food and water in your rig.

By the way, there is an advantage if you're traveling with a larger group and have several rigs along.


Q: You mentioned on Twitter that fall colors are coming out along Idaho 21 between Boise and Lowman. I'm going to Jackson, Wyo., in two weeks. Do you think there will be any fall colors left?

J.J., Twitter

A: The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce says that you will be on the tail end of the fall colors. The peak is the first 10 days of October.

But don't worry. You'll be in the peak of wildlife-watching season, according to the chamber. It can be incredible this time of the year for everything from moose to bear to elk and deer.

The best scenic drive recommended by the chamber is north of Jackson Hole on the Gros Ventre River Road and also Antelope Flats Road. I've been on those two roads and you can't go wrong with the scenery.

Even with the closure of Grand Teton National Park, you can drive those roads.

Pete Zimowsky: 377-6445, Twitter: @Zimosoutdoors

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