Pink Edition: Letters to the Editor — 10-02-13

October 2, 2013 

Free of cancer

After 20 years of annual mammograms, I received the fearful diagnosis of breast cancer. My angel nurse who felt the lump and directed the mammogram to the correct spot was Terry Lennox. This compassionate woman made a special trip to see me in the hospital prior to my surgery. Three years later I am cancer-free and grateful to Terry and all the wonderful doctors and nurses at St. Luke's Meridian.


Resisted treatment

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at the tender age of 28 and given chemotherapy with a mastectomy performed on her right breast. Three years later she was diagnosed with breast cancer in her left breast and was prescribed mastectomy and chemo. She refused, saying life was not worth the pain and trauma. Fast-forward 40 years. She is alive and well, with quality of life, and still has her left breast with no complications! Don't let the medical professionals scare you with the Big C word or rush you into submission.


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