Popkey: Labrador, challenger Ringo decry shutdown but differ on blame

dpopkey@idahostatesman.comOctober 1, 2013 

Democratic state Rep. Shirley Ringo says Idaho GOP Congressman Raul Labrador is among a group “holding the country hostage to serve their extreme agenda” by refusing to fund the government without delaying Obamacare.

Labrador counters that the House Republicans proposal to delay the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate by a year is “very reasonable” and calls Tuesday’s partial closure of the federal government “The Obama Shutdown.”

Ringo, a Moscow Democrat challenging Labrador in 2014, says in a news release that shutdowns 17 years ago cost an inflation-adjusted $2.1 billion. “The GOP House members who are willing to waste this taxpayer money are the same bunch who less than two weeks ago voted to slash billions from the nation’s food stamp program in the name of saving money,” she writes. “This is no way to run a government.”

Labrador, in his electronic in his Tuesday electronic newsletter titled “The Obama Shutdown” says Senate Democrats are culpable. He writes, “While the House listens to the American people, the Senate is trying to keep the government shut down with the hope that Republicans get the blame. But the truth is, it will be the Senate that gets blamed for refusing to fix the individual mandate.”

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