Letters to the editor: 09-28-2013

September 30, 2013 

Thank yous

More than 500 neighbors of all ages joined us Aug. 29 for a fun and educational block party hosted by Whitney Community Center and Elementary School.

We would like to thank our amazing partner organizations for their support of this successful Boise Celebrates Good Neighbors event.

A big thank you to Whitney Elementary and PTO, Sojourn Church, Whitney Methodist Church, Boise Parks & Recreation, Vista Neighborhood Association, YMCA Safe Routes to School, Neighborhood Watch, Hillcrest Library, Boise Fire Department, neighborhood police officers, and all of our great neighbors and special guests.

Families were treated to a barbecue dinner hosted by two churches, and there were lots of activities for kids, including a giant Jenga, croquet, and field games coordinated by Boise Parks & Rec’s Mobile Recreation Van. We danced to great music provided by fun DJs from SoundWave Music.

There were also art projects and helpful information provided by neighborhood organizations. Whitney kids showed off their amazing school garden and families got to harvest vegetables to take home. A great time was had by all!

Our wonderful partner organizations truly epitomize the definition of great neighbors!

BARBARA ENGLISH, Site Coordinator, Whitney Community Center, Boise Parks & Recreation, Boise

Thank you to all who helped with the Rock Party this month at the Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology.

The annual September event was a resounding success. Geology, mining history and archeology all came to life at the kid stations, and experts inside the museum kept the information flowing.

We could not have pulled off this event without the help of many, including more than 80 volunteers, Idaho Humanities Council, Idaho Power — Powering Possibilities, Idaho Botanical Garden, Old Pen, Event Rents, Tates Rents on Broadway, Broadway Office Max, Idaho Statesman, Traffic Products & Service on Highland, Orchard SignsNow, and Home Depot on Federal Way.

Thank you all — especially the Kid Station coordinators Patsy Wolter and Pat Ware (both retired public school teachers).

SHIRLEY EWING, Rock Party coordinator, Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology, Boise

School bus drivers

It is absolutely amazing we don’t have any injuries of our children due to uninformed drivers who have no idea what flashing amber and red lights mean on top of a school bus, let alone the stop sign that pops out on the side of the bus whenever the driver opens the door to let students off.

If you are a parent who has children that ride a school bus, take a few moments during the day to thank your school bus driver. Any school bus driver can tell you stories of their adventures every day of drivers who do not stop when a school bus has its red lights flashing and the stop sign displayed. Bus drivers do a fantastic job of protecting your children if they have to cross the street in front of the bus by making sure all traffic has stopped. They get so tired of seeing drivers flying by the bus without any concern and most of them are either texting or have a phone up to their ear.

How do I know? I am a school bus driver!



Regarding the Coupon Expert’s article, I offer my successful couponing technique.


-- Separate by type, weekly. Food, refrigerated; food, freezer; food, remainder; nonfood, personal; and nonfood, nonpersonal.

-- Sort each of these five groups by expiration date.

-- Integrate each of the five groups by expiration date into its existing bunch. I keep each group in a business envelope (junk mail envelopes) and label appropriately. The remainder food groups, I separate into two envelopes: nearest two months expiration date to farthest. Remove expired coupons.


-- Using your sale flier(s), check items as candidates for possible purchase; make a shopping list from these; write ‘c’ in front of those items that could have a coupon in your envelope; sort through each of the five groups, pulling the ones that match the ‘c’ candidates; circle that ‘c’ on your list; if required to buy more than one ‘c’ item, mark number next to ‘c.’

-- Using a pliable cardboard multislotted case, put in your shopping list, then the circled ‘c’ coupons. In the next several slots, keep favorites and likely used coupons, again by product type.

You are ready to shop.


Health care

Health care peace of mind is coming in October.

Idahoans will have the opportunity to purchase health insurance and be free of financial concerns over life-threatening illnesses or disabilities that put personal finances at risk. Right now losing our jobs can mean losing our health care insurance. With the exchange we are guaranteed a secure place to get a competitively priced health care plan.

If our workplace does not provide a health care benefit, through the exchange we can have that insurance. (If we are happy with what we already have for health insurance, we will not have to make any changes.)

The Idaho health care exchange is a step forward for Idahoans. We can be responsible for our own health care and make our own choices. We can put aside some of the ‘what ifs’ when an illness or accident strikes.


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