Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, Sept. 29

September 29, 2013 


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I read a letter from Gary Miller, of Meridian, in the Fresno (Calif.) Bee. As a Boise State fan, he was complimenting Fresno State on their recent football victory.

How classy. I don’t seem to run into that kind of sportsmanship these days — including our own young fans at Fresno State.

So it was so refreshing to read Gary Miller’s positive letter here in the San Joaquin Valley. Made me want to visit Boise.

RON JEFFERSON, Dinuba, Calif.


Sportsmanship, it’s one of the golden pillars of acivilized society.

Sports Illustrated (Sept. 23) reports that “a decibel level of 136.6 was hit inside Century Link Field during the Seahawks-Niners game, a new Guineess world record.”

Roger Mattison, a retired audiologist, reports in a Statesman letter (Sept. 22) about attending the BSU/Washington game, and experiencing “extreme ear pain” due to the design of the Washington stadium and band noises.

I began my ministry in 1960, serving small-town rural parishes in Nebraska. I served as pastor, scoutmaster and youth leader, teaching morality, ethics and good sportsmanship.

In our 25 years there we went to many Nebraska games, and were always impressed at how civil and friendly the fans were to opposing teams and their fans. The same was true for our 20 years in Fresno, and the last 10 in Boise, expecially the Air Force/BSU game.

Sportsmanship, thank God, is still alive in Boise.


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