Letters to the editor - 09-29-2013

September 29, 2013 

Gateway Park

Regarding the proposed Gateway Park in Eagle, this unique snow park is a healthy outdoor activity to help engage Boise’s youth in a positive activity.

We need more opportunities for our youth to keep them busy and involved. Freestyle skiing is a growing sport with more of today’s youth interested in the fun and diverse terrain of the park versus traditional downhill skiing.

Gateway Park provides a convenient and affordable option for skiers and will help promote sales to local ski shops as well as spark interest in our local Bogus Basin ski resort that stands to gain from the popularity of freestyle skiing. I encourage our political representatives to seriously consider the financial as well as youth-building benefits of adding a snow park to the community of Boise.


Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth! Tell our county commissioners to support, not block, the new ski-wakeboard-mountain bike park in Eagle.

This an amazing opportunity for Ada County residents to spend active quality time outside. Better yet, it’s an outside investment (costs taxpayers nothing) to improve our county. Eagle City Council is for it and the people are for it, so one would have to ask yourself “why would our elected county commissioners look this gift horse in the mouth?”

I, for one, will do everything I can to make sure any Ada County commissioner who blocks this is not reelected.

Don’t let alternative motives disguised as “issues” block this new park. Don’t we need more outside recreational activities in Ada County? Don’t we need more reasons for kids to get away from the Internet and video games? Don’t we need more places for families to spend quality time together?

Someone is trying to fight this? One begins to wonder if this is a power play or a more sinister play by Ada County.


Our family is anxiously awaiting the opening of Eagle’s new snow terrain park, but now we read in a Sept. 15 Statesman article there may be a delay as the Ada County commissioners learn more about the project? That’s OK, because most worthwhile things in life take effort.

Actually, for those who think terrain parks are worthy of effort, it takes more than effort to successfully ride features in a park. Success takes dedication and hard work. The goal-setting and ability to overcome obstacles I observe in kids as they learn to ride features in these parks is admirable. Let’s put our insecurities and egos aside and allow Gateway Park to offer our community a place where youth can develop into successful, contributing members of society.

Eagle is fortunate to have this opportunity. I just hope the Ada County commissioners figure this out quickly.

I’d hate to lose even just one season, as this could be the year to develop one of the best riders in the country.


No Silent Cal

Regarding Jack Stuart’s Sept. 23 letter, America doesn’t need another “Silent Cal.” His presidency was hallmarked by deregulation, cutting taxes and cutting spending (very Republican), and a few months after he left office, we were left with the greatest stock market crash and depression in the history of the country. We’ve already seemingly tried this same thing over and over again, and we always get the same results, the poor get poorer, the rich get richer, and in the end no one really wins. ... Same today as in the 1920s.



I don’t understand why the Republicans are so upset with President Obama.

After all, they had more to do with his election than the Democrats. After two failed terms as president and two wars, George II certainly caused the people to look to someone else.

And the nomination of John McCain and his choice of VP certainly gave the electorate pause. Although I certainly commend John McCain for his valor as a combat pilot, I couldn’t vote for a candidate who chose Carly Fiorina as a financial adviser. As a recent op-ed in the Statesman noted, the Republican Party left him, not the reverse. If the Grand Old Party really wants to be “grand,” they had better get “grand.” There are too many specifics to note in this short note, but they know all too well what I mean.


Republicans, especially the tea party wing, are portrayed by the media as extremists, but who are the real extremists?

Tea party: We borrow over 40 cents of every dollar we spend. This is dangerous and we need to cut back.

Mainstream Democrats: People depend on all that money we are borrowing so we need to keep doing it.

Tea party: We need to move toward balancing the budget.

Democrats: Balancing the budget or cutting spending is not necessary.

Tea party: We need more efficiency so we can lower taxes.

Democrats: We need higher taxes, especially for the rich. Government programs are efficient already.

Tea party: Congress needs to read and understand bills and show them to the people before they vote.

Democrats: Nancy Pelosi sums up the philosophy: “We have to pass the bill (Obamacare) so that you can find out what is in it.”

Tea party: Since we need oil, let us develop resources here.

Democrats: We don’t want to increase drilling here. Let the other nations drill, employ people, and we’ll buy from them.

Tell me, who sounds extreme here — mainstream Democrats or the tea party?


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