Letters to the editor: 09-27-2013

September 27, 2013 


Russian President Putin has just shown the world the difference between an experienced national leader and our feckless, inexperienced amateur of a president, Barack Obama. Putin has taken Obama and Kerry to the cleaners.

Putin now has Obama agreeing to a U.N.-supervised inventory and destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons. A Statesman article on Sept. 11 mentioned that the process would take 20 years and require 75,000 troops to protect the U.N. personnel.

Putin will offer to provide the troops needed to protect the U.N. inspectors, and his offer will be eagerly accepted by Obama to keep the U.S. out of the Syrian snakepit. Russia will move 75,000 soldiers into Syria in support of Assad, “protecting” U.N. inspectors by killing Assad’s opponents. Russia’s major national interest is in keeping the warm water seaports in Syria under Russian control. This move ensures that control. Russia will have a forward base for its army in Syria, plus easy sea access to control the Suez Canal trade routes. And all of this is happening with the approval of Obama and the “international community.” Our “hope and change” president has proven to be completely unqualified for the position.

Do you miss George Bush yet?

PETER HUMM, Mountain Home

Barack Obama ignores the Constitution by making and changing laws that only Congress has the authority to do. For example:

• Changed mandatory sentences in drug offenses.

• Waived welfare work requirements.

• Directed a 70 percent subsidy of insurance premiums for members of Congress.

• Suspended the Obamacare employer mandate for large employers.

This is alarming. Even more alarming is our society’s lack of fundamental knowledge of civics and our founding documents. Examples include:

• Two-thirds of Americans cannot name a Supreme Court justice.

• One-third can name the three branches of government.

• Less than one-fifth of high school seniors can explain how citizen participation benefits democracy.

Can our republic survive such ignorance in our electorate?

I appreciate the need for technical training, and support STEM (science, technology, engineering, & mathematics). We cannot prosper without people so trained, and will lose our competitive edge. Even more important, is training in civics. Without an informed electorate we could lose our country.

Obama is a dangerous socialist with no appreciation of our history, culture, or values.

However, we can overcome him easier than we can overcome an electorate that would make him our president.


We’re physically sick listening to war-mongers, politicians not caring about Americans or other human beings unless it affects their own pockets!

Obama may be high I.Q.’d; but he’s selfish, lacks street smarts and cares not about his own race except as a stepping stone to personal success. He’s purposely set America back years racially. Now he wants us to back him with our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s lives to save “face.” No concern of how his words may or may not change the political climate. We don’t want a third world war. Not to save Obama’s face.

Hit them in their pockets. Don’t kill innocent Syrians. Nothing is a “limited” military incident.

Start drilling in Alaska; start Canadian pipe line; limit cargo/arms; quit giving advance intel; quit giving money to kill us.

Because they are at war we don’t have to retaliate with war. We can set a better example. Our red line — no war.

Remember our president’s wife saying, “I’m finally proud of my country.” Only after Obama was nominated and elected president, but not before. Martin Luther King was proud enough of his country to try to help his people — not to incite revolution!


Political cartoon

On Sept. 23, the paper contained a political cartoon depicting the “makers” and “takers.”

I ask why the liberal press seems to take pleasure in putting the 1 percent in a bad light.

We are middle class and are grateful to the 1 percent for all the money they contribute to medicine, the arts, education and job creation for the makers. Not to mention the fact they support this country with the taxes they pay. If this country had to rely on the rest of the 99 percent we would be in deep trouble indeed. Not to say we aren’t already.

When will the press stop fanning the flames of class envy? Why aren’t there more stories regarding Bill Gates et al. and all the billions of dollars that they contribute to charity, arts, job opportunities, medicine, and education?

For shame.


The anti-Christian editorial cartoon followed the usual anti-right bias of the Idaho Statesman.

The letters to the editor were a surprise: There was nary a vitriolic leftish screed from North Boise. Kudos to Jeff Wright and Anthony Miller for their intelligently written letters.

As an addendum, I wish to add a suggestion — let’s honor the 10th Amendment by remanding all federal lands to the respective states. Think of the sales revenue and tax revenues from the sale of BLM lands! All home owners would rejoice!


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