Nampa carjacking suspect eludes capture in Montana

September 24, 2013 

A Nampa carjacking suspect who eluded police in the Treasure Valley is on the run in Montana.

Rodney Lee Seiber, 36, escaped from deputies in Hardin, Mont., by jumping out of a second-story window, Nampa Police said Tuesday morning.

Undersheriff Mike Fuss of the Big Horn County Sheriff's Department said deputies responding to a report of trespassing found Seiber and his 18-year-old girlfriend, Brittany Robbins, in a motel Monday morning. When confronted, Seiber leapt from the second-story window and escaped.

Robbins was arrested for trespassing and obstructing. Deputies searched extensively for Seiber but could not find him. The search had been called off by Tuesday morning.

Seiber is still at large. He faces robbery, eluding and drug charges in Idaho.

Seiber is wanted for carjacking a Norco van driver at knifepoint last week, then crashing the stolen van into another car and fleeing on foot. Police thought they had him surrounded in a Treasure Valley cornfield, but he was gone by the time daylight broke.

Police said Monday they believed he was hiding at a squatters camp in the Payette National Forest near Cambridge with Robbins.

Seiber is armed with a Glock 40 handgun and has told family he will not be taken alive, police said. They also said he has spoken of his plans to commit suicide or “suicide by cop” if he’s caught.

Police consider him armed and extremely dangerous, and urge anyone who spots him to call 911 immediately.

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