Amity Road reopened after semitrailer tips, spills beans across road

September 24, 2013 

Amity Road is closed after a truck hauling beans tipped over near the Meridian Road intersection. No one was injured in the crash.


A farm truck spilled a load of pinto beans across Amity Road when it tipped over Tuesday morning.

The wreck happened at Amity and Meridian roads just after 7 a.m. A Subaru was struck when the truck tipped over, but no one in either vehicle was hurt, dispatchers said.

The truck's driver was heading north on Meridian Road when he missed a gear while downshifting, according to Ada County Sheriff's Office spokesman Patrick Orr. Rather than run through the red light, he put the truck in neutral and attempted to turn east onto Amity Road.

The truck tipped, hitting the Subaru and dumping the load. The spilled beans hit the car with enough force to move it across about half a lane, Orr said.

Eastbound Amity Road was blocked to traffic at the intersection for more than three hours as crews cleaned up the spilled cargo and righted the truck. Amity was reopened shortly after 10 a.m.

Farm crews were able to recover most of the beans, and the Ada County Highway Department cleaned up what was left.

CORRECTION: An early version of this story reported that Meridian Road was blocked. That is incorrect. The wreck blocked Amity Road.

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