Letters to the editor: 09-20-2013

September 20, 2013 

Obeying laws

I have some limited international and multicultural experience. The most important distinction I have seen between the USA and Third World or emerging nations is the respect for rule of law. It’s a distinction that makes us great because it places us on equal footing and gives us equal protection: we all have to obey the same law regardless of power or wealth.

It is disheartening and frightening, therefore, to see that distinction crumbling. In the Sept. 5 issue of the Statesman, David Adler lauds the president for submitting the Syrian question to Congress. But in that same issue is a note that Veterans Affairs will provide gay spousal benefits despite legislation limiting such benefits to those “of the opposite sex.”

In an earlier article was the news that the BATF was not going to interfere with state legalization of medical marijuana.

I’m not concerned about the moral stance regarding either of those issues. I’m concerned with the executive branch ignoring the law. It doesn’t matter what one thinks the law should be, what matters is what the law is. If we pick and choose which laws to enforce, we risk losing our only chance to remain great. Except prayer.



It’s becoming absurd. A sick joke. I wrote a letter to our entire Idaho congressional delegation, criticizing them for foot-dragging and obstruction regarding the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. The letter was unambiguously critical of them and the Republican effort to destroy the ACA by threatening to push the U.S. into default if the GOP doesn’t get its way.

I received replies from Labrador and Crapo “thanking” me for my support. They elaborated on all the ways they are trying to destroy the ACA, thanking me repeatedly again for my support.

How can they thank me for my support? Is their reading comprehension that low? I think not. I think this has to do with internal polling used to lure financial support. Or perhaps it’s their idea of a sick joke. Regardless, the mock “thanks for your support” exposes their monumental intellectual dishonesty. They are not honest brokers, my fellow prisoners.


Obama and Putin

The talking heads are out in force regarding Syria and President Obama’s decision process. I became thoroughly nauseated when the geniuses in the press stated that Vladimir Putin had outfoxed our president in the diplomatic arena.

Putin is a homophobic liar who has driven his country back into economic paralysis and insignificance now that the world is less reliant on Russia’s crude oil and natural gas. This blowhard is motivated by raw power and nothing else. He saw a chance to make Russia important again on the world stage with the proposal on securing Syria’s chemical weapons. He doesn’t care a lick for the lives that the butcher Assad took with his horrific use of poison gas on civilians.

And about all of those “missteps” from the president? All of the media hacks now apply 20/20 hindsight. Let’s review where we stand and what has happened so far. We are not in another war in the Middle East. The president leveled with us about his disgust with Assad and his regime’s use of these WMD. And he asked Congress to be an active part of the decisions. This appears to be as sound an approach as we could configure.


Mountain Home Air Force Appreciation Day Parade

The Idaho Statesman usually does a decent job reporting on festival events throughout our state. But I was disappointed Sunday, Sept. 8, that a major event in its 53rd year of existence was blatantly absent in recognition. (Other less, large festival Sept. 7 events received coverage as far off as Twin Falls.) Mountain Home’s Air Force Appreciation Day Parade was held Saturday, Sept. 7.

It’s the largest parade held in Idaho. Mountain Home gives a big “thank you” party to our active duty Air Force personnel, veterans of all military branches and their families. Mountain Home Air Force Appreciation Day perhaps boasts the largest free pubic barbecue in the state serving up to 5,000. A run, music and park vender booths round it all out.

Regardless of anyone’s opinion on the United State’s participation in warfare activities; political opinions; or if one is being economically challenged, this community works hard to show our appreciation for those who serve our armed forces. Mountain Home is perhaps the most economically challenged community in the state of Idaho affected by the federal sequestration mandates, but we still say “thank you.”

It’s unfortunate the Statesman egregiously chose to not recognize this stellar community.



My wife and I visited your city for three weeks in August. We were very impressed by your Downtown area and especially your Greenbelt along the river. Keep up the good work.


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