Letters to the editor: 09-18-2013

September 18, 2013 

Syria solution

Let’s send John McCain, George Zimmerman, Wayne LaPierre and the NRA to Syria to end the violence there. McCain has the solution. The others have the guns.

Both McCain and his Bridge to Nowhere, Sarah Palin, claimed in 2008 that he should be president because he knew how to win wars. Here’s his chance to prove it.

George Zimmerman said the only person who can stop a bad guy with a bag of Skittles is a neighborhood watchdog with a gun. Wait, I may have that wrong. Oh, yeah, LaPierre said it. Zimmerman did it.

The U.S. should stop acting like the world’s police force. No wonder so many Middle Eastern countries hate us.

You can’t bomb a country into a democracy. We need to quit telling them how to live and quit giving them weapons, which they eventually use against us. Let them herd their goats in peace.

I learned in South Vietnam that civilian loyalty in war zones changes daily, depending on which side caters to their wants and needs first.

We learn from history that we don’t learn anything from history.

KEN WHITE, Twin Falls


Our president is calling for our support for the invasion of the small Middle Eastern country Syria. It seems that support for this venture is not strong, even weak. Let us all consider how it would have been, when we were engaged in an uncivil war, now called the Civil War. Just imagine how it would have been judged if Britain, the empire at that time, had decided to support those rebels in the South. We now are the empire of this time in history, and meddling is our task right now.

One thing for sure, empires come, they grow, they extend, and then they collapse by overextending their resources beyond their ability to pay the cost. I visited Hadrian’s wall the Roman ruler had built to fend off the nasty Scots. There are still stones here and there, but the wall is gone, along with old Rome. There is too much building and construction needed right here at home, and we must deal with our internal affairs first. Our leader doesn’t wear a toga, but he may still be acting like those who did.

It is our duty as citizens to take a stand and be heard by our leaders.



Every day I read about killings in Chicago, L.A., Oakland and other large cities. Some of the victims are children caught in the line of “gang” fire. The president seems more worried about that happening in Syria. I think it is time that we have “boots on the ground” before dictator-like gangs take over this country!


Government help

I wonder how the conservatives/libertarians who live in Cascade, Prairie, Hailey, Pine, Atlanta, Featherville, etc., feel about the recent incursions into Idaho by big government.

I’m certain those in Cascade reached for their AR-15s when they heard and saw the black helicopters with armed federal agents arriving to rescue Hannah Anderson. If our government were structured according to their vision, her dad would have had to find and rescue her by himself or she would have perished.

Also, how about the billion dollars the feds have spent to fight these Idaho wildfires in an effort to save federal, state and, most important, private property?

From the aerial photos I have seen, many private properties received multiple fire retardant drops that cost thousands of dollars per drop. In fact, the main job and greatest risk was to protect private property and the lives of those in the way of the fire. Surely any conservatives/libertarians who received benefit from these socialistic, big-government services will refund all associated costs or be seen as communists feeding from the public trough.

After this, will they admit that some socialistic services are necessary in our free society? They might, but never out loud.


Lanza article

Mike Lanza wrote an entire column and never mentioned that our kids are graduating thinking our country is bad and capitalism is evil. Is there something wrong with this picture? Wake up, America. We are losing our country. I have talked to the school board president and the superintendent of schools and they have done nothing.


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