Letters to the editor: 09-16-2013

September 16, 2013 


It never fails. When my usual golf partner and I get hooked with another pair, it usually includes a mouthy Republican who insists on telling anti-Obama jokes. They would be less funny were they true, but propagandists don’t care.

Republicans have nothing to whine about. Successfully, they turned the election process over to big business. They gutted the Voting Rights Act. Though they started the Middle East wars, they now oppose them.

Republicans attempted and nearly succeeded in doubling student loan interest rates.

Locally, the picture (from the Republican point of view) is even brighter. Idaho ranks 49th in the nation for student funding; 39 school districts are on a four-day schedule; for a re-election contribution Otter and Luna will turn the whole thing over to a computer company.

We lead the nation in minimum-wage jobs, while $141 million was granted our largest corporations in the form of a business property tax cut. Our roads and bridges rate a “D” grade, and that doesn’t stand for “dashing.”

What more can a squeaky-wheel Republican want? Total ruin? Or just minor mayhem directed to the poor, uninsured and unemployed?


Savino letter

I’m delighted to hear the editorial anonymous letter posts are over. It makes it easier for me to provide my personal information, when others do not. I might even this out and provide one of my latest irks.

Dano Savino, of Nampa, wrote a highly intelligent and truthful piece about how our cities and government agencies are going broke and into enormous debt. He advocated “End the IRS,” “Stop the Feds from Borrowing,” and “Follow the Constitution.”

Sounds totally right to me. In fact, I thought of writing a letter asking if he ever considered running for president, or at least Congress.


Democrats, Social Security

Q: Which party took Social Security from an independent fund and put it in the general fund so that Congress could spend it?

A: It was Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic-controlled House and Senate.

Q: Which party put a tax on Social Security?

A: The Democratic Party.

Q: Which party increased the tax on Social Security?

A: The Democratic Party, with Al Gore casting the deciding vote.

Q: Which party decided to give your Social Security money to immigrants?

A: That’s right, the Democratic Party. Immigrants that move into this country at 65 get SSI and have never paid a dime into the system. This is costing us millions of dollars.

Then, after doing all this, the Democrats turn around and tell you the Republicans want to take your Social Security away from you. The worst part about it is that people forget who did what!



The Doonesbury cartoons in your newspaper are daily attacking the Republican Party by name.

The liberal Washington Post recognizes that Doonesbury is partisan commentary and relegates it to the Opinion page.

In light of the fact that the vast majority of Idahoans are conservative, I would respectfully request that you follow the Post’s example and put Doonesbury where he belongs (no, not the toilet) — on the Opinion page.

Recently you removed the conservative cartoon Mallard Fillmore, a cartoon that never called out the Democrats by name, but addressed the liberal and progressive issues obliquely, and you replaced it with the hideously unfunny and inartistic “F Minus” — a slap in the face to most of your readers.

Please, if you must have a cartoon that daily attacks your conservative readers, put it on your Opinion page next to Mallard Fillmore to at least appear that you are being “fair and balanced.”

TONY SNESKO, Hidden Springs


The pope has been likened to a CEO, in a recent Los Angeles Times article, by David Alvarez. More than a senior minister, the pope should be equally focused on being a head administrator of the Catholic Church; a key point of Mr. Alvarez’s article. Actually, this article applies to other Christian churches as well.

Now, a situation exists wherein a secular corporation, considered a “person” under the 14th Amendment, needs to change in order to adapt.

An example of this is the “The March Of Dimes,” which did stellar work in helping to fund the demise of polio, but changed to other diseases after the demise of polio and still does stellar work accordingly. A Christian corporate body can effect change, but only insomuch as it does not disagree with the Bible.

The Bible, inasmuch as it is the inspired word of God, cannot change, as God cannot change.

This applies to sin, as the Bible has not changed in regard to sin. Any sin, thus can never be given the status of a “new normal.”

The pope, the Vatican, and other Christian entities must keep this in mind. God does have a way of dealing with unrepentant sin.


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